A Customer Viewpoint

Does this sound familiar?

A customer viewpoint skuvantage

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was not going to panic, not yet, because panicking about being frustrated in a store was silly! Especially an online store.

Though it would make a very funny story to tell friends over drinks next week.

Another deep breath.

She was certain that the designers of the new web sites did it on purpose. Made it so when you went in, it was a long time before you managed to find your way around. The last line from The Eagles song “… You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave …” sprang into her head. She smiled to herself.

There was always the Close button, and instant freedom, but the gauntlet had been laid and she was determined to find what she wanted despite the retailers best efforts. But her patience was limited.

All she wanted was a pair of blue, tight, D&G, jeans, how hard could that be?

Another deep breath.

That did it, she felt better now, centred; in control.

She even knew exactly what she wanted, size, length, colour, even the brand – yet finding the item was, well, hard. “Search” produced a morass of results that could not be refined. And navigating to a product page through browsing was comically unhelpful. What colour is “Honeydew” anyway? Was that the blue she was looking for?

If she didn’t find the pair she wanted in the next few minutes, she was going to vote with her mouse click and go elsewhere, perhaps overseas – wonderful thing technology! Buying locally wasn’t worth tolerating this frustration.

Didn’t these people ever shop their own site before they unleashed it on the public?

A web site is just another store. But for many web sites this is the experience they provide; confusing and time consuming. Meaning your customers may only really consider you to buy on price. Not having an engaging experience through useful product content can be expensive…

Using effective product content is the key to delivering a great online shopping experience and retaining those customers your marketing dollars acquired. Great product content helps customers buy more of what they want and leave satisfied with their purchase. Then they tell their friends of their experience and return themselves.

Good online retailers understand the benefits and continuously invest to improve product content in depth, breadth, completeness, accuracy and presentation.

SKUvantage is the the only full solution provider across all types of content. We are set up to only do product content for online and multi channel retail. With help from SKUvantage to improve your product content, you can turn a frustrating customer experience to a rewarding one, across all channels.