A Passion for Product Content

SKUvantage is committed to being the leading provider of product content within Australia. Our vision sums it up:


“To provide the best product content to our clients across all media, so their customers can make fully informed and confident purchase choices in any retail channel”


Led by founders who understand and have experienced all aspects of product content, SKUvantage brings an approach to producing, managing and delivering product content which is focused to ensure our clients have the best information to present to their customers

SKUvantage brings a unique set of attributes that ensures we will deliver the required outcome for our clients:

  • A passion for content: Product content is the only thing that SKUvantage does. It is our mission to provide the best product content for our clients and their customers. We invest in technology, process, and people to deliver this. Conversely for retailers or manufacturers, product content is not core competence and not something which is typically invested in.
  • IP around good content: The founders of SKUvantage have unparalleled experience in product content strategy and execution, across all areas required.  Best practice on product content standards and its production (photography, data gathering etc.) are skills that do not exist in most retailers
  • Rigorous process management: We focus on excellent process execution to ensure high quality, low cost, and high throughput. Production of content is more akin to a factory than retail process. Skills required to produce at volume and quality are not core to retailers
  • Data management skills: One key point of differentiation is a focus on data management. Data model development & management is not a skill of retailers or manufacturers. Retailers struggle with managing even existing core product data.
  • Physical infrastructure: We have a set of assets and capability specifically focused on delivering on the objectives required of great product content. The space and assets (studios and equipment) required to produce content at scale are not part of typical retailer toolbox.
  • Team & labour management: SKUvantage has sufficient resource flexibility to be able to handle the variable nature of product content capture.


In working with SKUvantage, you can be confident in knowing that you are working with a team that is committed to delivering for your brand and business objectives, with the experience and knowledge to ensure a great result.