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Australia’s leading product content solutions provider.

At SKUvantage, we believe low-cost and high-quality ecommerce product photography increases sales and lowers cost. Our professional team of product photographers have perfected a process of delivering this, over many years of working in ecommerce content production for major retailers and brands across all categories.

Retailers we have worked with include Tesco, Dan Murphy’s, Dick Smith, Masters, BIG W and Woolworths UK. Brands we have provided product photography services to include Adidas, RM Williams, 3M, P&G, Coles, and many fashion brands. This experience and understanding of retailer constraints and needs give our clients the confidence they require when trusting us to manage their product content.

SKUvantage Product Photography Studio Sydney

At our own modern studio we have 10+ different photography set ups catering to model fashion, ghost, jewellery and all other types of product photography.

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We aim to provide consumers with the product content they need when making a purchase decision. This includes great imagery, engaging descriptions, and useful data.

We do this by demystifying the process of production, being efficient, and using our process, systems, and service to make this affordable for clients, whilst delivering a high-quality result.

Consumers get the information they need, our clients look great and they sell more products.



A comprehensive solution for retailers and suppliers to solve the problem of product content

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SKUvantage is all about product content production. We shoot all types of products from fashion to coffins. And from 1 product to 25,000. We deliver this as a full turnkey solution, from picking product to editing and delivery. We also write product descriptions, do data cleansing, 360 spins and video. If you need product content produced, we are the people to do it.

SKUlibrary is an incredibly easy to use product information management platform. Our clients use it to manage their product content and syndicate it to their customers, with feeds to leading retailers and e-commerce platforms. SKUlibrary makes the miserable job of product content creation and management easy, and pain-free. Don’t take our word for it, ask for a demo…

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SKUcapture is our managed service to support retailers in acquiring product content from their suppliers. This makes the suppliers’ lives easier, by avoiding filling in spreadsheets, and the retailers’ lives easier from not having to chase the suppliers. If either the suppliers or retailers need product content creating, they can always turn to SKUvantage production services.


We have an unmatched range of experience of shooting for a diversity of brands. From fashion to industrial equipment, we have pretty much done it all. We continuously innovate to deliver an even better result for a low cost. This is why leading brands across all categories continue to use our services year in, year out.

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We have over 120 clients for who we manage product content, and supply this to retailers. For many of these clients we also do product photography and product render creation. You will see much of our product information for these clients on retailers sites. We are now an indispensable part of the digital eco-system. Because we built it.


We have carried out a huge amount of work for retailers. Probably more than any other product photography company. They choose us because of our scope of services, quality, speed, and ability to handle large volumes of products at a low cost.

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Product Photography and Product Content Creation
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Product Photography and Product Content Creation
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SKUvantage provides product photography and product content creation services to a range of brands, vendors, and their retailers.