Perma Products was established in 1969 in Melbourne, Australia, and is dedicated to creating the ultimate in child safety, pet access, removable hooks and grip tapes, selling over 1000 different products under 5 leading brands. Rising in demand, they established a presence in the US to expand into a new market via key marketplace channels.


Perma Products needed to secure a more streamlined digital shelf process, as they had a fast-growing assortment of over 1000 products across several marketplace channels like Amazon and Walmart and a
total revenue of $11.8M. Previously, they relied on highly manual and Microsoft Excel-based communication, which presented difficulties in channel growth for the marketing & channel teams. This was putting them on the back foot when it came to fulfilling the strict product content requirements of Amazon and Walmart.


Perma Products partnered with RG.Experience and Salsify to optimise their new product onboarding process and to syndicate content to major channels in the US. By streamlining their onboarding process,
they achieved a significant 30% reduction in onboarding time. With Salsify’s syndication capabilities and a restructured product onboarding process in the ANZ and US markets, the team was able to scale into new products and channels without significantly increasing the content-management team.

Benefits & Approach

Perma Products faced the challenge of managing a growing product catalogue across multiple markets and brands while ensuring accurate and up-to-date information across all channels. With the implementation of Salsify’s intuitive and quick-to-launch PXM platform, combined with RG.Experience’s process and industry expertise, it led to a 41% reduction in overall onboarding time, enabling the scaling of products and channels without significantly increasing the content management team.

One of the primary goals for Perma Products was to expand their presence by syndicating their product content to leading online marketplaces in the US and ANZ. Salsify provided them with access to an extensive network of channels. Products successfully amplified their online presence, reaching a wider audience than ever before without having to scale the channel team.

Switching from a manual Excel process to an automated platform like Salsify, the team experienced a significant reduction in the time spent on product onboarding, which enabled their team to focus on potential new personalised and channel content. Furthermore, Perma Products achieved a substantial improvement in data accuracy, reporting a 24% decrease in customer complaints related to inaccurate or incomplete product data.

The Perma team looked into a lean project with an IT solution that they can self-manage after the GoLive. With RG. Experience, they found a partner who coudl guide the team on key design decisions, ensuring a successful setup while enabling the team to become more self-sufficient.

The initial workshop phase allowed a good understanding of how to improve the onboarding process and set up an efficient data onboarding support model, going beyond channel specific requirements automating the mapping to specific channel data.

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Perma Products
Perma Products

Jeremy Pesch, Marketing Manager

“We had to decide to invest into technology and efficient processes or hire more people to manage our growth.”