Luxury handbags and fashion accessories require numerous high-quality images per product to give the brand and premium products the online representation they deserve. The product listings also need to be described and categorised accurately and efficiently to get products on the shelf as fast as possible with minimal team effort.

Oroton wanted to make the process as easy as possible such that all team roles, from photographers to copywriters, can do what they need to do without needing system experts. But managing a process with spreadsheets and shared drives directly into an e-commerce platform across such a large range can lead to mistakes and sometimes chaos.



Head of E-Commerce, Oroton

“To help manage its product catalogue and get products online rapidly, Oroton uses SKUlibrary as its product information management platform. SKUlibrary is used to enrich product data such as price, merchandising attributes, descriptions and images. SKUlibrary is, further available as an online catalogue for all Oroton colleagues to easily access product information they need to support a customer’s multichannel shopping experience.”