Coles is driving its ecommerce and multi channel capability and this gives your business a great opportunity to get your products in front of more consumers, with content provided by you as part of inducting a product into our business.

If you are about to range a new product with Coles, or need to update content for ecommerce, the following  process can assist in gathering the necessary information and get your products live on our digital platforms as fast as possible. These digital platforms include:

  • Coles Online , recently relaunched and currently delivering over 40,000 orders per week
  • Coles Mobile App, which assists customers find products in store, across the whole range
  • Coles Customer Communications, including emails which select targeted products from the whole range


What is Required?

There is a minimum set of content required to list your products on the above channels, and optional content that can be used to support your products


  • Ingredients list
  • Nutritional information
  • Product claims for dietry, allergen, lifestyle, country of origin
  • One ecommerce quality images to the standard outlined below


Optional information:

  • Brand messaging
  • Features and benefits
  • Additional images
  • Content for non editable products
  • Preparation, usage, warning messages


How to provide it

There are two options to providing up with the content to deliver on these opportunities for your brands:

1. Complete a simple form and provide ecommerce quality images you already have

2. Engage a third party to assist in gathering full product content and high quality imagery that can be used in ecommerce and catalogues


Option 1.

Simply click here, and you will be taken to a form to complete the mandatory attributes above.

Option 2.

We recognize that compiling this content and keeping it maintained with data and packaging changes is an effort for suppliers and often misses the mark. In addition, there is an opportunity to provide product content beyond the simple form above, which enables you to share more of your brand messages and product features and benefits. This cannot be managed directly by Coles. We can recommend a number of suppliers, who you can consider working with to provide this in a format that we can consume.


Product content, product photography, product video, product descriptions in one place

SKUvantage supported Coles to provide product content for 23,000 as part of the re-launch of Coles Online and have a deep experience of working with the Coles online team and formatting data into our requirements. SKUvantage provides product content services including imagery, data capture, product descriptions and 360° rotations.  Register your inquiry by clicking here, email or call 02 9939 4979


Image requirements

To get your products listed online, an image is required to the following standard:

  • xx px by xx px
  • White background
  • Straight on (not 3D)