Coles Referral 

SKUvantage is providing product content services to Coles and its suppliers to help make FMCG products look as good online as offline.

By contracting directly with SKUvantage suppliers can minimise the cost and effort of capturing and distributing excellent product content across all media types.

The standard SKUvantage service includes the following elements, delivered for less than 50% of the current industry cost.

  • 2 catalogue quality images.
  • E-commerce quality images of all sides of the product.
  • Full data capture of any attribute to beyond the Coles standard.
  • Distribution of video and other marketing assets.
  • Access to SKUlibrary self-management of content.
  • Annual hosting of content.

In addition, SKUvantage will provide this content to Coles for uploading onto their site at no charge to the supplier.

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