SKUvantage Covid-19 Planning & Support


These are very challenging times, and will be continuing for some time. There is no escaping the fact that the human and economic impact is going to be severe.

SKUvantage provides numerous services to brands and retailers to support our clients sell product through the creation, management and distribution of digital product content. If consumers have the information they need, they are more likely to buy your product, and we aim to make achieving that as effortless as possible.

As such, we are extremely conscious of the need to provide an ongoing service they can rely on to ensure they can continue to trade and operate efficiently.

Our first priority is the health of our team, and the appropriate advice is being followed and precautions taken, with most of our colleagues are working at home. No matter what, we won’t request our colleagues to work in a way they are not comfortable with, or that puts other colleagues at risk.

In relation to our three streams of business, the situation to continue to support our clients and users is as follows:

  •  SKUvantage: Product content production through photography, product description writing, content enrichment, data transcription etc.
    • Many of our clients will be seeking to operate as normally as possible during these challenging times, and take advantage of the growth in online – especially now with so many people working or isolated at home
    • To minimise the risks for our teams and clients we have undertaken the following activities to ensure we can continue to support our clients whilst ensuring the safety of our colleagues:
      • Anyone who can work at home is working at home – we only have 2-4 people in the office area on a given day (instead of the usual 20)
      • We have separated our production teams into two, working in two physically separate buildings, and they do not mingle. If one site affected by a “close contact”, the other will be able to keep operating.
      • As a result of the above, we have significant separation of colleagues, way in excess of the required guidelines
      • Any models or clients attending shoots are provided P95 masks. No clients or models are permitted to work with us if they live / work in the “LGA’s of concern”.
      • Couriers are requested to not enter our building, and they are given a lock box into which they can leave samples, so we can minimise interaction with them
    • It is also worth mentioning we are located in an area of very low covid cases, and nearly all our team is either vaccinated or on their way to being vaccinated
    • Having good images of your products is essential to give consumers the information they need and our studio will stay open for as long as we are legally permitted and we have photographers who are fit enough and willing to work. In the event that we are not able to carry on operations as outlined above, we have other backup plans. We also have a team available to improve the content on existing products, as we do for numerous retailers.
    • If you have your own in house product photography capability, please consider that SKUvantage could be a business continuity solution for your business.
  • SKUlibrary: Product content management and syndication platform
    • SKUlibrary saves our clients time and effort in the creation, management and distribution of product content. We have hundreds of clients and their customers using SKUlibrary every day both as a PIM and to source product content from their suppliers. Despite the current situation, we haven’t seen any decrease in this activity compared to last year.
    • We invest heavily in the robustness of SKUlibrary to ensure uptime and reliability, even when there isn’t a global pandemic. The knowledge to keep it operating is well spread across the team who are now all working at home. We will continue to roll out enhancements, but with an even greater consideration for the availability of the team to support.
    • SKUlibrary is also supported by a dedicated customer service team across dual locations. We would suggest that if they are not immediately available, you use our extensive help system within SKUlibrary.
    • For submitting briefs, please see the various options on the briefing page if you are unable to send us product.
  • SKUcapture: Sourcing product content from your suppliers, so you don’t have to
    • SKUcapture is a service we provide to retailers to source product content from their vendors, with a managed service using SKUlibrary as a vendor portal. This service saves suppliers significant time in delivering content and retailers time in sourcing it, meaning they can focus on running their business rather than chasing suppliers for product information.
    • As for SKUlibrary, SKUcapture is also supported by a dedicated customer service team across dual locations. We would suggest that if they are not immediately available, you use our extensive help system within SKUlibrary after logging in or email the address provided by your retailer, which also comes to us.

If you want to talk to us about how we can support your business in these challenging times (or for that matter, at any time) by providing a back up to your current internal teams or current provider, and reduce the cost and effort of the processes outlined above, please just get in touch.