Footwear product photography;

SKUvantage provides quality fashion shots for all of your accessories and footwear photography needs.

Photographing footwear is a specialist art form, with photographers appreciating the delicate nature of working with designer products and knowing exactly how to make them shine on camera.

You want your consumers to be able to envision themselves wearing your designs. The best way to achieve this is to use multiple angles including side shots, front shots, back shots, angled side shots, and aerial shots.

We style everything according to your exact specifications, highlighting essential elements such as colour, size and texture.

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Our Clients

Footwear case study
Denstock logo


Denstock are proud to be the supplier of footwear from the Hi-Tec and Spenco collections along with tactical, uniform and work boots from the Magnum collection. We photographed their product range for them, using multiple angles including side shots, front shots, back shots, angled side shots, and aerial shots.

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Shoes product photography
RM Williams logo

RM Williams

R.M. Williams is synonymous with Australian boots and clothing. SKUvantage regularly works with R.M. Williams and on this occasion we carried out a catalogue photoshoot for them. Simply displayed on a block of solid wood, these shots really show off the different styles and colours of the boots, highlighting their quality and craftsmanship – our photographer and editors are experts at showcasing a product’s best features.

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alice mccall footwear photography

alice McCALL

Midweek through Australian Fashion Week in 2018, SKUvantage was approached by alice McCALL to shoot, edit and retouch 30 of their accessory products in just over 24 hours. SKUvantage relishes the opportunity to work with exciting brands like alice McCALL to capture the essence of their clothing and brand in unique and interesting ways.

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Other services

Ghost mannequin fashion photography

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost mannequin fashion photography is very effective in showing the fitting of a garment and highlighting the finer details and textures.

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Lookbook fashion photography services

Lookbook Fashion Photography

SKUvantage delivers the highest-quality lookbook fashion photography with a seamless process and excellent photographers.

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Flatlay fashion product photography

Flat Lay Photography

Flat lay photography is a simple, fast, and cost-effective way to market your brand.

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Lifestyle product photography services

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle product photography is a fun and creative form of demonstrating your products in a unique way.

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Sydney studio product photography solutions


Our awesome product content production team deliver high quality product photography, renders, data transcription, 360 spins, video and product descriptions.

You name it, we’ve done it.

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Product information management system


The SKUlibrary platform makes creating, managing & distributing product content much easier, for retailers, wholesalers and suppliers.

We actually use our own platform!

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Vendor portal service


Get product content from your suppliers with an easier process for your business and theirs. Our managed service is used by many leading retailers and wholesalers.

Get more content with less effort.

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