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As a manufacturer, you invest in developing products with great features and benefits. Then you invest further in launching and promoting your products to consumers, endorsing these features and benefits.

Consumers then go to a retailer online or in store and see very little information to help inform their purchase. This is because retailers are faced with a huge challenge in gathering this product content, either internally or from manufacturers. This affects your brands, your sales and your return on product development investment.

Great product content from SKUvantage means that you, as manufacturers, can:

  • Regain control in the merchandising of your products and the information that is provided for consumers.
  • Support retailers in selling your products in a way that you know best, through all channels.
  • Sell direct to consumers with a high-quality website presence, with little incremental front-end effort.
  • Remove the burden of gathering, structuring and providing product content to retailers.
  • Improve profitability by positively impacting certain P&L lines and improving their negotiating position.

Similar to retailers, suppliers are rarely set up to capture good product content, even from their own products. Category managers don’t particularly enjoy the nitty-gritty of data capture, resulting in a lot of variability in the content.

SKUvantage can take your products and create structured data, images and content that retailers can feed into their online systems. We provide a single source of truth to all retailers for your product content, which alleviates the burden of having to deal with multiple sources.

We then maintain this product content, with the latest images and marketing messages ensuring that what is reflected on the web matches the latest version of your products. All you need to do is send us the new product and consider it done.

We work with you to determine how to achieve everything with minimal disruption, fitting seamlessly into your business process. Resulting in the assurance that you are getting great up-to-date product content with minimal effort.

Alternatively, if you prefer to do the data capture internally, you can use our software and established category data models to record the data that retailers are asking for, rather than using a different for every retailer. Then you can send the retailer a link rather than a paper form.

No matter what way you look at it, working with SKUvantage will save you time, effort and help you deliver product content that does justice to your products.