How we work with you

Our general approach is to design a process which removes as much of the effort, cost, and management from the client as possible. We do not apply a ‘cookie cutter’ solution. Each engagement is specific to each client.

We work with you by identifying how best to obtain product from you to capture the content, so that any new products are rapidly processed to appear on your site as fast as possible. We then do all the dirty work and provide a structured set of data to you, in whatever format you prefer.

An engagement goes through 5 phases, with a focus on maximising the return for the minimal workload for the retailers:

  • Plan: to understand what it is you would like to achieve and how to get the best ROI.
  • Design: designing the business processes that minimise the work for the retailer.
  • Set-up: setting up the people, systems, and processes that are specific to the retailers requirements.
  • Execute: gathering and delivering the content, with minimal impact on the client teams.
  • Improve: working with the retailer to ensure a continuous improvement process to improve quality and speed.
As for the rest, well that would be giving away our IP and we would prefer to discuss over an initial exploratory conversation.