IFrame Example

The below is an example of embedding a product in any website using an iframe of a product from SKUlibrary.

This can be used to embed products into:

  • Field sales tools.
  • Brand websites.
  • Retailer websites.
  • Procurement platforms.


Any changes made to the product in SKUlibrary are reflected immediately on this page.

The presentation below was achieved by simply putting this line of code into the HTML. The unique token of SANDPIT, determines the presentation of the page.

<iframe src=”https://host.skulibrary.com/productInformation/frame/insert/9300657036010?clientToken=SANDPIT” frameBorder=”0″ width=”100%” height=”2000px”>

Click to view product Details (as you would on a field sales tool)

Click to view product Details (on a new page)

To keep the SEO benefits of the product description, the long description copy should be hosted directly on the product page.

Note this can be customised in any way the client requires for each presentation…

Heinz iframe example
heinz iframe example