Improving Product Content on the NSWBuy ICT Services catalogue

The NSWBuy platform is operated by Office of Finance and Services (OFS) to help government agencies research and purchase from pre-approved suppliers’ products and services. The platform provides an opportunity for suppliers to communicate information about their services and for agencies to efficiently compare products from different sources of supply. The video below explains how the service works.

As outlined on the NSW ProcurePoint web site:

NSW Government introduces the ICT Services Catalogue, which aims to inform government buyers about the essential characteristics of ICT products and services.

The NSWBuy ICT Services catalogue:

  • Showcases suppliers’ products and services and how they meet or exceed standard government requirements
  • Reduces red tape and duplication of effort by allowing suppliers to submit service details only once
  • Provides ICT services and products available to all potential government buyers.


However keeping content maintained is performed by uploading a template excel file through the NSWBuy portal. This can be time consuming and is difficult to maintain and re-use this content on other platforms. Content is also limited in its depth and breadth.

The Challenge & Opportunity


The NSW Buy platform has limited capability to present rich product content.

Using SKUvantage services, vendors are able to enhance this content significantly, and manage it more easily through the SKUlibrary platform.

The example at the bottom of this page illustrates what is possible with this service.

The NSW Buy platform shows limited information about a company or service. Click image to expand.

What is possible with the SKUlibrary service - presentations, video, descriptions etc., with full control

The Solution

With a view to encouraging suppliers to provide more detailed content, OFS has partnered with SKUvantage to offer a third party service to create, manage and upload content onto the NSW Buy platform for ICT services.

SKUvantage is now able to offer three levels of service to support vendors maintain and enhance this content:

Standard service: Easily maintaining and updating basic company information in NSWBuy via SKUlibrary.

Basic company information is already populated to the NSW portal. The vendor can easily manage this content in SKUlibrary and have this fed to the NSWBuy platform. Updates and modifications are updated to NSWBuy without intervention from the vendor.

Premium service: Maintaining and updating company and service information in SKUlibrary.

The information on the NSWBuy platform currently only provides information at the company level. The SKUlibrary platform makes it easy to create, manage and edit records for individual services. This includes detailed attributes which help users filter on capability.

Ultimate service: Full customisation of product content on NSWBuy

Combining the technology of SKUlibrary with the NSWBuy platform enables full customisation of the company or service listing. This gives the possibility of presenting video’s, presentations, rich formatted content and other contextually relevant information. This is hosted and managed on SKUlibrary, with changes being reflected immediately on NSWBuy. An example of this is provided below

With these additional services and ongoing improvements to the NSWBuy platform it will be easier for vendors to present their capabilities and for users to find the providers who meet their requirements.

For further information on these options, please contact us.

The Ultimate Service

Everything below is an example of the sort of product content possible for the Ultimate Service (includes both a long description and a extended information). All the content can be managed directly by the vendor, using the SKUlibrary service. Additional content and attributes can be created versus that illustrated below including: long copy, structured data, lists, attachments & downloads, rich media & video, links to web sites and emails, images etc..


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