Jensen Instrument Technologies 360 Product Spins

March 31, 2016.

Jensen Instrument Technologies have long been known and respected as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of quality mechanical surgical instruments. They came to SKUvantage for 360 product spins for several of their instruments.

360 product spins are a challenge, but we love a challenge! We captured 24 images for each product to create the rotations. Using our magic powers (and an invisible string) our photographer suspended the instruments in mid-air so we could achieve consistent placement and lighting throughout the shots.

Our editors ensure that the products flow seamlessly from shot to shot, so that when the 360 product spins are complete they look like one continuous image and the customer can rotate them, just as if they were looking at the products in real life.

Jensen opted to host the images on their end, but if you’ve got the capacity to paste an iframe on your site, we can provide you with a fully hosted solution – it’s that easy! 360 product spins are fun for the customer and add an interactive element to your site. Check out our rotations for Jensen Instruments and get in touch to spin your own products!