Lifestyle Photography

Captured at very high quality, in very little time, at very low cost.


Lifestyle photography is a fun and creative form of demonstrating your products in a unique way. Good styling hand in hand with perfect lighting highlights your products and brings them up to the next level. Additionally, lifestyle photography can help show any product “in action” so the potential customer can be aware of all the features and possibilities. In the age of social media, lifestyle photography is very often used to represent the brand online.

No type of photoshoot is too big a challenge for us, our 340m2 studio is highly configurable for almost any requirement. Our photographers are highly creative and easily adaptable to any situation. We are very happy to work closely with your stylist to achieve the best possible outcome for your products and brand.

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Lifestyle Styled Photography Skuvantage

Lifestyle Photography


If you want your customers to see your product in action, why not try lifestyle photography? Lifestyle photography integrates your product into a lifestyle scene to showcase your product in a unique way, a step up from standard product photography. Along with illustrating your product in a professional and stylish way, lifestyle photography is a great way to tell your brands’ story.

The Swag Lifestyle Photography


Home Hub Editorial Photography Shoot

Particularly beneficial for homewares and electronics brands, lifestyle photography uses complementary props to exhibit how your product works and to describe its features and possibilities without having to use words. In the age of e-commerce, consumers are becoming more and more drawn to products that show them how a product can be integrated into their lives as opposed to telling them. Lifestyle photography works in this way by showcasing a product in the context of a person’s life, such as a candle burning on a coffee table.


Creating a professionally styled lifestyle photoshoot is no easy feat, which is why it’s best to look for a professional lifestyle photographer to take the reins for you and your brand. A professional lifestyle photographer will have access to hundreds of props, backdrops, and lighting sequences to make your product photography pop. Hiring a professional lifestyle photographer will also ensure your lifestyle photographs receive a thorough post-production edit to make them visually stunning online, and in print.

Dorology Lifestyle Photography