Loreal Image libraryThe L’Oreal Image Library has moved.

All L’Oreal product images are now hosted with SKUlibrary instead of Dlibrary. This has a number of advantages including:

  • Easier to find the image you are looking for
  • Easier to share images with partners
  • Lower cost


If you do not have access to SKUlibrary, please go to http://application.skulibrary.com.au. All L’Oreal domain applicants will be given access to L’Oreal images and product images to share with partners and customers.

SKUlibrary is a service from SKUvantage. SKUvantage provide content management services to various retailers and their suppliers. For more information please contact Jess Gomes


Why have we moved asset library?

L’Oreal has moved our service to the SKUlibrary service provided by SKUvantage. This was done for reasons of lower cost and improved capability. SKUlibrary makes it easier to search for images and share these with our customers. It also helps L’Oreal share extended content with our customers, and on other digital platforms.

How do I access the images?

In the near future all L’Oreal employees will be given a log in to SKUlibrary. If you need access immediately, you can apply for access at http://application.skulibrary.com.au.

There is a full help section to explain how to use SKUlibrary on the site – access in the top right corner.

What do I tell my customers?

Many of your customers will already ne signed up to SKUlibrary because other suppliers have also made the switch. For those that have not, you can direct them to https://www.skuvantage.com.au/skulibrary-overview. You should also share the presentations found at this location, to explain the reasons for moving.

We are always told we have to use Dlibrary by our customers. What if I get pushback?

Woolworths, Coles and Metcash all accept images from SKUvantage, and this has been verified by L’Oreal. Some buyers within the retailers may not yet have received this information. If you get pushback that cannot be resolved, please share with Jess, who will have this resolved via SKUvantage.

What happened to the DLibrary images? Will catalogue images flow to my clients?

All the Dlibrary images have been re-uploaded to SKUlibrary where possible. If an image is missing, advise Jess Gomes who will get this rectified.

What if I spot an error with an image, or need a new image uploaded?

If you need any changes making to images, please advise Jess Gomes.