“Barcode verification reports are often the critical path of a product launch, so affect when we go to market. Being able to get a fast turnaround on these reports  from SKUvantage gives us more time on shelf, more sales, and  helps our relationship with our retailer customers.” Andy, Product Manager, 4 Pines Brewery

With a recent change in retailers' policies relating to barcode verification, it is now possible for vendors to perform this process themselves or choose another provider other than GS1 Australia. This could save vendors significant time, cost and effort. This could also help get your products to shelf faster and simplify your internal product launch processes. 

SKUvantage has led this change to help our clients save cost and effort.

We are now also offering a service to all businesses to verify their barcodes.

The process of barcode verification takes 5-10mins at most and is not complex. In every other market in the world it is perfectly common for vendors to do this themselves or for a variety of service providers to offer this service, as a simple web search will demonstrate. There is plenty of information on how to do a barcode verification, including from GS1, as illustrated here.

Watch this video to see how straight forward it is to save time, money & hassle with self-barcode verification

To get your barcodes verified, just fill in the form below and we will be in touch. We can do the verification ourselves or put you in touch with more local service providers. We will also tell you how to do it yourselves.

Stop wasting time and money on barcode verification reports… read more below

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What is barcode verification & why is it important?

Barcode Verification is much more than just checking that your barcode can be scanned by a barcode scanner or that it returns with the number you expect.

Barcode verification is about checking that the barcode:

  • Will scan on all retailer barcode equipment, at point of sale and in the supply chain
  • Meets all the necessary ISO standards
  • Meets all the necessary retailer standards

If barcodes fail to scan in the supply chain or at retail, this reduces efficiency and increases cost and may result in complaints or penalties from your customers.

For this reason, barcode verification is an essential process, mandated by a number of retailers.

What has changed and what is the opportunity?

Until recently, all suppliers to major grocery retailers were compelled to use GS1 Australia to obtain barcode verification reports for their products. This involved sending one of every product and associated packaging to GS1 for scanning. This can be both costly and time consuming for vendors, and increases time to market. Paradoxically it can also reduce the likelihood of barcode scanning in the supply chain because verification is only performed once in a products packaging lifecycle, not on-going.

The major retailers have now all agreed to relax this criteria to permit any suitably trained organisation to provide these barcode verification reports. This means that vendors can now do barcode verification themselves or select another provider which is more convenient or lower cost. The cost savings and simplification of business processes should be significant and the investment required will pay back very quickly for anyone but the smallest vendor.

Woolworths’ vendor document can be found here. And the change is on page 9.

Woolworths BVR

Metcash’s vendor document can be found here. And the change is on page 8.

metcash BVR

Coles’ vendor document can be found here. And the change is on page 9.


Are barcode verification reports generated by SKUvantage, your partners and clients accepted by all retailers?

The simple answer is yes. If your retailer partner says otherwise, please tell us ASAP and we will engage with them directly.

What information do your reports contain?

Our reports contain all the information required of the GS1 standard and required by retailers. However they are also much more informative, helping you to understand each component of the report, so you can get your barcodes printed right first time.

What is an interim barcode verification report and do I need one?

Many people believe that interim barcode verification report is a requirement of a retailer. This is a myth. We have asked all major retailers and none require them as standard. We believe they are a waste of money.

An interim barcode verification report is sometimes requested to validate the dimensions of a barcode, but that is largely all it gives. They are not a mandatory requirement for retailers. They do not prove a barcode scans as they are not generated from the actual substrate.

You can generate the same information on an interim barcode report using a ruler. If a retailer asks you for one, please ask them why and let us know.

Is it risky to do our own barcode verification? 

Everywhere else in the world vendors and other third parties do barcode verification without issue. GS1 UK for example, have produced this guide (page 24) for manufacturers about barcode verification . A number of Australian vendors actually already perform their own barcode verification, and have done for years, having retained the personnel that were trained to do this process before GS1 Australia ceased their accreditation service. They benefit from more frequent quality checks at a lower cost, and a shorter time to market.

In terms of barcode validity, you can check ownership of barcodes here (on the GS1 database). But nothing stops someone fraudulently copying your barcode, whether provided by GS1 Australia or not.

How do I take advantage of this opportunity?

It is necessary to be suitably trained, with the right equipment and process in order to meet the necessary requirements stipulated by retailers.

The hardware that is typically used for barcode verification is provided by Axicon, and the resellers of this hardware in Australia is Cobra Systems and Intermax. These companies are experts on barcode standards and verification processes, and provide training to a wide range of organisations.

Intermax and Cobra have put a program in place that will:

  • Assess the appropriate solution based on the needs of your business.
  • Advise and source the appropriate barcode verifier
  • Provide training to use the verifier and meet the retailer requirements
  • Help you maintain the quality of your process on-going


More reference information on barcode verification can be found at:

Which other third parties can provide barcode verification?
Other than SKUvantage, the following organisations may be able to provide barcode verification as a bureau service to the standards required by retailers.

  • NEBVS Based in Wangaratta Victoria, Border of NSW and Victoria. Call:03 5722 3687 Email:

SKUvantage has no commercial relationship with any of these companies and does not benefit financially from them if you buy a verifier, or use their verification services. We REALLY just want to help our clients save money and time on this process.