E-commerce Fashion Photography

SKUvantage delivers e-commerce fashion photography to all retailer and supplier requirements

This includes e-commerce fashion photography that is fit for David Jones, Myer, and other retailers. We have a pool of wonderful fashion models who we frequently use for shoots or, if you’d prefer, you can provide your own. We can also provide you with the ability to make real-time approvals from the comfort of your desk. With our model fashion photography you can specify any requirements that you wish for hair, style, face crop, background lighting and poses, so you know that you’re getting exactly what you are after.

With our systems and processes tailored to your needs, we can ensure all our model fashion photography will be produced at a high quality and high volume. This results in lower costs for you, whilst showcasing your fashion range in the best way possible.

Ask us about doing product videos at the same time to really set your customer experience apart from your competitors and drive up conversion rate.

SKUvantage is based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and we service clients from all over Australia with a rapid turnaround of samples. Contact us now for a consultation.


Unrecognisable Model Photography

Recognisable Model Photography


E-commerce fashion photography is one of the busiest and continually evolving areas of product photography. Covering a broad spectrum of product exposure designed to drive sales and increase conversion rates. This form of photography uses models to give your product a unique identity and entice your customers to want to buy into that identity.

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If your brand has a story to tell, then you need e-commerce fashion photography. Whether you’re a start-up business looking for exposure, an e-commerce site looking for product images, or an established business looking to revamp your website, fashion photography is the ideal choice. Show how your product is worn, used and styled in order to make the buying decision that little bit easier for your customers.


While the end result might look straightforward, a great deal of planning, styling and teamwork goes into this type of photography. Teamwork is the biggest asset in an e-commerce photography shoot and includes collaboration between the fashion model(s), the stylist, the photographer and the editors. At SKUvantage we have a large pool of professional fashion models to suit just about any model fashion photoshoot. If you already have a model in mind, please let us know and we are more than happy to work with them.

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Trust and confidence is the foundation of a successful photoshoot. Our professional team of photographers and stylists have plenty of experience in the field, and we are confident that you can trust them to make your products look amazing. SKUvantage will also take care of all the technical and stylistic aspects of your brand photoshoot including hair, makeup and styling, professional lighting and framing, and post-production editing.


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