Musson Jewellers Model Photography

Musson Fine Jewellery is a Sydney based family business operating for over 40 years, with boutiques in the Queen Victora Building and Chatswood Chase. Specialising in bespoke designs which incorporate some of the world’s rarest gems, they are one of Australia’s most awarded jewellery houses with a strong national and international following.

To photograph their precious pieces, Musson chose the jewellery photography experts – SKUvantage. We always try and make our shoots as seamless as possible for our clients and this shoot was no exception. From sourcing, hiring and briefing talent for the full-day shoot, editing imagery of each piece to specific requirements and delivering the stunning images quickly and efficiently through our SKUlibrary platform.

Jewellery photography is a fine art form, there is a lot involved to capture the true beauty of the precious stones, along with pieces being small, detailed, delicate, attracted to dust and highly reflective. It is therefore crucial to ensure the photographer has worked on multiple jewellery photography campaigns, as our team have.

SKUvantage delivers e-commerce and catalogue-quality jewellery photography to all retailer and supplier requirements. Contact us to find out more about our jewellery photography services.

“SKUvantage were a pleasure to work with, their professionalism and experience ensured our shoot was a great success. Their post production work and final image quality have been equally impressive. I am certain we will be using them again!”

Oliver Musson

Musson Jewellers jewellery photography
Musson Jewellers jewellery photography
Musson Jewellers model photography
Jewellery photography sydney