Nitto Tire 180 Spins

Nitto love tires and they love people who are enthusiastic about their vehicles. We created 180 spins for their website so their clients can fully examine the products and pick out their perfect tire.

We’re well used to doing 360 spins and creating 180 spins means just half the amount of work – simple! However, the products we spin aren’t usually quite so big or cumbersome. Our photographer had to be careful not crush their fingers or toes, let a tire loose rolling around the studio or end up with a rogue tire run after them Indiana Jones style. Quite a challenge!

Following references from Nitto’s website, we shot 19 images for each tire, starting at the tread on one side and following around to the tread on the opposite side. The images required a lot of editing work, mainly tidying up the not-so-clean tire surfaces. Because of this, the client granted us an additional hour of editing per tire so we could clean them up as much as possible and make everything look utterly fabulous.

We were entirely enthusiastic about working tirelessly to deliver Nitto Tires with wheely fantastic 180 spins so everyone could retire from the job happy and satisfied.

Nitto Tire 180 Spin