The data to the right is about as compelling as it gets. A four-fold increase in interest in onlineshopping in Australia, expressed through Google searches. This clearly demonstrates that consumers and businesses are moving their shopping to online during the current challenging climate. This change in buying behaviour will not fully reverse when we are through this crisis, either for B2C or B2B businesses.

We are seeing businesses that are surviving and even thriving in this crisis because they were online ready and are now ramping up their digital activities. We are also seeing others that are rapidly failing because they did not take online seriously, and are even now trying to avoid the costs of doing business in the only remaining channel open to consumers.

You just need to witness the challenges of Primark in the UK as an extreme example of this impact. However we also see this locally. We have had numerous businesses contacting us to urgently source images for their suppliers’ products to try to support getting online as fast as possible.

Competitive pricing, engaging product information and reliable fulfilment are the key drivers of success of any ecommerce strategy. So if you want to survive now and in the future, giving buyers the images, descriptions and data they need to support their online research and purchase is essential.

In these challenging times, online shopping is growing at unprecedented rates. 

Businesses that seize this opportunity will survive long term, at the expense of those that do not.

Give buyers the information they need

If you do not give buyers the information they need, they will shop elsewhere, or buy a different brand. This is especially true for those many shoppers who are new to online and driving this current growth. They need confidence in their purchase decision.

Product content is the fuel of any ecommerce engine. Without engaging and useful product content, your digital strategy will underperform. Investing in strong imagery, engaging product descriptions and providing key product attributes is essential to this.

The time to create this engaging product content is now as the investment will pay for itself ongoing.


How SKUvantage can help

Creating, managing and distributing product content is hard, and certainly not fun. SKUvantage was founded to make this easier for brands and their retailer or wholesaler customers.

We shoot the full diversity of categories in our multiple studios to a high quality and low cost. We can also travel to your business to shoot product on site if that is more suitable at this time. This was most recently demonstrated with our project for Sydney Trains.

If you have a product content production requirement, whether 1 product or 100,000, we can help.

Beyond simple product photography, we have a range of technology and services solutions to make it easier to source product content from your suppliers and manage this effectively. This creates a complete product content solution suite, meaning you can focus on what you do best – serving your customers.

Sydney Trains part shoot

We can shoot wherever is convenient for our clients: in studio, store or warehouse.

Get in touch with SKUvantage to:

  • Discuss your product content requirements, and request a quote for produciton
  • See how product content can be a strategic asset, across business functions, not an unwelcome cost
  • Hear case studies of how brands have saved time cost and effort, whilst driving sales through better managed product content