Pod Tracker 360 Product Spin

March 22, 2016.

Never lose your pet again with the Pod TrackerPod Tracker is suitable for any pet from dogs and cats to birds of prey, kangaroos or even a lion! To show off this genius little product, SKUvantage supplied Pod Tracker with a 360 product spin.

A 360 product spin has the ability to show off your items from every conceivable angle. For Pod Tracker we captured 22 images for the spin, but different clients request different amounts of images and of course, we cater to every requirement.

It’s important to achieve consistent lighting and editing when creating 360 product spins, as otherwise the product can look different from different angles. This requires a seamless combination of photography and editing skills to get a smooth transition between shots and make sure the 360 spin flows smoothly for the customer. Using a super high tech set up in our studio (it’s top secret) we ensure that the product is always in the same place for the spin and so the lighting is consistent.

Spins allow the customer to control their view of the product by dragging it around, they can also click to zoom in and out. We provide you with either the images to use in your own technology or we can provide a fully hosted solution – if you can paste an iframe onto your site.

Check out our 360 product spin for Pod Tracker.