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SKUvantage is here for all your Sydney product photography needs! From very small brands to huge retailers, we service clients from every corner of Australia, whether they’ve got 10 or 10,000 products.

Have a browse though some of our recent jobs below, which illustrate our capability across a range of clients – giving you a sneak peek into the types of product photography that we can offer you from our base in Sydney. We do it all, from stylised lookbook shoots to spooky ghost mannequin photography, spritzed bottles and FMCG photography – we even manage to make raw meat look delicious.

If you’d like to discuss hiring us for your product photography, want to check out some of our fantastic client testimonials or simply fancy a chat about what we can offer you, then please get in touch!

We’ve Moved!

SKUvantage Product photography studio

SKUvantage has a new home!

A new year is the perfect time for a fresh start and we have dived into 2018 with a move to a fabulous, larger studio. As online shopping continues to grow and the demand for quality images is on the increase, SKUvantage expands its business and premises to meet the e-commerce surge.  

We’re here to help you achieve the best online fashion, lifestyle and product images at a time when it matters the most! Our new studio features ten photography setups and a brand new shiny food stylist kitchen.  We can create very high quality lookbook fashion photography at great rates and fast turnaround.  Click here to find out more about our spectacular fashion photography options. 

Whether you have 20 products or 20,000, we are masters at finding the right product photography solution for you! At SKUvantage, we believe low-cost and high-quality ecommerce product photography gives your business the edge in the competitive online retail space. Find the best fit for you and your products by clicking here.

Our new studio is located at Unit 25, 28-34 Roseberry Street, Balgowlah NSW.  Products can be sent to us at this address or we can collect them from you or even pick them in store to save you time.

Click here for a quote to get started!


Pilot Pen Australia

Who doesn’t love a smooth writing experience? Pilot is a leading Japanese brand known for high quality writing tools and innovative products. We were super excited to have Pilot Pen Australia in our studio for an amazing day of shooting. To really show off the products, and get the most out of the photography session, we mixed things up with some styled flatlay and model photography, getting creative with some props and accessories.  

Pilot sent through an image brief and style guide prior the shoot so we knew what they had in mind for their product photography. With so many awesome products to shoot, and different set ups, it was important to get a clear run sheet finalised before we started shooting.  With detailed prep and communication, this shoot was a dream! Check out some of their fabulous images here and on the Pilot Pen Australia website and socials.


Fast Future Brands Model Photography

We know we’re in for a fabulous day of on-trend fast fashion when Fast Future Brands come into the studio. Their brand, Valley Girl, is synonymous with leading-edge fashion, style setting and innovation. Valley Girl is about having fun with fashion and that is exactly how their fast paced e-commerce shoots feel in our studio. We usually shoot 50-80 garments for them per week and work with an amazing team of stylists and a gorgeous variety of fresh-faced models to get the perfect images.. Our photographers create a bright and summery feel to the shoot, with plenty of dynamic poses and lots of movement. Head over to to take a look at some of the awesome results.

Dorology Lifestyle Photography

What do you get the person who has everything? Dorology has you covered for all your beautiful and creative gifting ideas. We love having this family owned, Australian online gifting company in our studio. Inspired by the Great Gatsby, Dorology brings together glamour and luxury in their gorgeous gifts, taking the guess work out of finding that perfect something.

Our photographers work with the team at Dorology to style their diverse range of products and create fabulously themed imagery for their website. Getting the angles and light just right to really show off their luxury skincare, crystal, homewares and books is a challenge we can’t resist. Once we’ve finished up in the studio, and the retouchers have done their magical editing (such as removing behind the scenes reflections in the mirrored or glass products), we deliver the images to the client through SKUlibrary, our image platform, for their approval and look forward to seeing them online. Check them out yourself at

Sunseeker Ghost Mannequin Photography

Sunseeker is an iconic designer of awesome swimwear and beachwear – including bikinis, one pieces, kaftans, singlets, rash vests, hats and board shorts. With stores across Australia selling their fabulous creations, and a thriving online presence, the team at Sunseeker have proven that combining technology, design and style has incredible results!

We love working together to come up with some killer model and ghost mannequin shots of their swimwear range. For model shoots, we create a sun-kissed look with soft lighting to really deliver that warm, beachy vibe. We shot these bikinis and one pieces using ghost mannequin photography and our talented team of retouchers then edited out the visible mannequin shape, making the swimwear really stand out.

Product Photography for Bunnings Barbeques

Big and bulky barbeques aren’t the easiest thing to transport, so we left the studio and headed to Bunnings for this product photography shoot.

Light tricks, careful angles and editing techniques are important with incredible shiny products such as these, no one wants to see the photographer reflected in the final shot! Luckily we have a skilled team of photographers and editors who all work hard to make the final images look as good as can be!

These images all turned out great, take a look at a few of the shots below and get in touch if you need your barbeques shot!

EC Designs Location Shoot

We love doing location shoots, it’s great to get out and about and shoot with some interesting backdrops. EC Designs wanted high energy shots to show off their sporty clothing range.

We’re located on the Northern Beaches, which the perfect if you’re in need for a mesmerising backdrop. Many different beaches and locations were discussed, with Freshwater beach being decided as the overall winner! The shoot started early, at 7am, with the models rocking up to the studio for hair and makeup. Luckily the weather was perfect on the day and by the time we got down to the beach, the sun was out and the threat of rain had disappeared.

The models were really pushed to their limits on this location shoot, jogging back and forward, doing push ups, jumps and, of course, a whole lot of posing! EC Designs supplied the models themselves, but if you need our help, we have access to a versatile range of high-end men and women from the best agencies.

We also shot ghost mannequin photography for the same garments which featured in the shoot, this is a great way for the EC Designs to show off their clothing both in action and in a way that is easy for the client to examine.

Check out a few of our location shots below and get in touch with us for your own outdoor shoot.

Model Photo Shoot With Beneath Rejection

Beneath Rejection specialises in limited edition t-shirts, with each design only being printed 100 times. Georgie, the founder, approached SKUvantage about doing a model photo shoot and some flatlay photography for a range of their clothing.

With a cool, hipster vibe Beneath Rejection wanted a model who would reflect this. We work closely with Chadwick’s modelling agency and picked out Troy, a tattooed model who reflects the brand aesthetic perfectly. We shot Troy wearing the clothing on a white background – perfect for ecommerce purposes. At the end of the shoot there was a bit of time left over, so our photographer took this opportunity to create some cool, lookbook style images with a grey background.

Get in touch for a quote for a model shoot, flatlay photography, a lookbook or a combination of them all!

Hunter-Rose Ghost

Hunter-Rose was dreamed up by a couple of pyjama lovers who wanted to make sleepwear that was ridiculously comfy, and fabulously stylish. Hunter-Rose chose our ghost mannequin method of photography to show off their gorgeous sleepwear.

Some clever editing is involved with ghost mannequin, as technology hasn’t quite advanced far enough for us to make actual models invisible quite yet. But as soon as that day comes, we’ll be the first to try it out!

We reshot a couple of Hunter-Rose’s garments before sending off the final images, we’re perfectionists after all and we always make sure to deliver the very best shots to the client. Check a few out below and get in touch for your own ghosted products.

Ghosting Empress Eleven

Empress Eleven create vibrant and glamorous items for plus size women. They asked us to ghost their products for their upcoming launch.

A little bit of top secret magic goes into ghosting products, as well as a talented editing team. Making clothes appear as if they were on a model, without the use of a model is a particular skill of ours. Empress Eleven’s range of gorgeous leopard print and flattering clothing looks great with this method of photography.

Our images are up on their website, take a peek and ask us to ghost your products!

Flatlay Photography for Hoop x Harm

Hoop x Harm create court-crafted apparel for basketball fans. They approached SKUvantage for some flatlay photography in order to sell their products online.

Flatlay is a super simple, super great way of showing off your clothes. There’s no extra costs involved as with model photography and no extensive editing as with ghost mannequin photography. It’s a favourite of Adidas, who we regularly work with.

Hoop x Harm’s flatlay garments turned out great and we hope to continue working with them in the future.

Alex Perry Ghost Mannequin

Alex Perry is a household name, famed for beautiful, luxury fabrics combined with dazzling cuts. Every few months we ghost their gorgeous garments for them.

As is standard with ghost mannequin photography, we shoot front, back, and details for Alex Perry. This is great for ecommerce as it helps customers get a good look at every aspect of the garment they want to buy. In order to get everything perfect, Alex Perry always send through styling information, how many loops the belt should be buckled through, where to pull zips up to and so on. This helps us make everything just right for them and create flawless results!

Our fantastic editing team does a great job creating the illusion of a ghost mannequin, as sadly technology hasn’t advanced far enough yet for us to use a real invisible model!

You can see some of our ghosted images up on the Alex Perry website. We can’t wait to get the next batch in the studio!

Homeware Photography for Sabatini

We’ve worked with Sabatini many times in the past, mostly on fashion and lookbook shoots, so it was nice for us to get a chance show them our skills in homeware photography too. Sabatini’s reputation centres around a Made in New Zealand philosophy with each garment hand cut, hand linked and hand finished for quality in leading edge knit design. By focussing on the different item’s details, we highlighted the quality of their knitwork and the glorious colours.

Sabatini asked us to shoot their cushions and throws so they could be fed onto the David Jones website. A lot of our clients feed into David Jones, so we’re familiar with their style guides and specifications. With all the soft objects in the studio, it’s hard not to just lay them out and take a short nap, but sadly there was work to do. To capture the throw we photographed it folded it up and then spread out to show potential buyers how it will look when used in different ways. Hopefully, through this they can imagine it draped over their sofa or bed and get a feel of how soft the tassels are. With cushions, it is slightly simpler for a customer to image the item in their home. To give them everything they need to make a purchasing decision we shot the full cushion and then close ups too.

Have a look at the cushions and throws on the David Jones website and ask us about carrying out your homeware photography.

Schwarzkopf Product Photography

Schwarkopf are one of the most well know brand names when it comes to hair care. Their suppliers, Henkel, are one of our clients and they sent us over a hundred Schwarkopf items for product photography. Continue Reading →

Wendy Manzo Jewellery Photography

Wendy Manzo is an Australian artist working in acrylics and live performance speed-painting. She is an author and also regarded as one of Australia’s top jewellery designers. We carried out a jewellery shoot for a selection of Wendy’s handmade pieces.

Wendy was present at the start of the shoot to oversee, she gave our photographer permission to shoot the items at whatever angle he felt worked best. Unlike most shoots, where the clients want the angles consistent between photographs, Wendy like the angles being different to highlight the pieces individuality. During the editing process we added some natural shadows to the rings and the final images look beautiful.

Product Photography for Byron Jerky

Recently a whole bunch of beef jerky rocked up in the studio for product photography! You wouldn’t believe how popular dried, cured meat can be, everyone was fighting over the samples. Surprisingly, the ‘ring stinger’ flavour was a crowd favourite!

We shot a variety of different shots so Byron Jerky could advertise their products online. We piled up the jerky, shot the packages, close ups of the expiry date and even created a step-by-step photography guide on setting up the display pack.

Homeware Photography for Island Trading Co.

Island Trading Co. is inspired by an age when items were crafted with care, they attempt to recapture the excitement that emerges from rare and luxurious products. Based in Palm Beach (the home of Home and Away!) they didn’t want to travel to the city anymore, so they came to us for their homeware photography (if only they’d heard of us sooner).

We shot a range 4 pillowcases and the cute little bags they come in. Shooting one pillow at a time and comping them together, to ensure uniformity and consistency in lighting. A natural shadow was then added from the original raw photography shots. The results are lovely, clean images, perfect for Island Trading Co. to use on their website.

The images are live on their website now – check them out!

Liquor Photography for Jim Beam

We’ve worked with Beam Suntory and Jim Beam for ages shooting liquor photography for their bottles and cans. They asked us to gap fill their product range, so that every item has a 3D, front and side on shot. As a result the studio was inundated with mountains of alcohol, I swear it almost touched the ceiling! A particular favourite was the box of 300 tiny 50mL bottles of whisky – so cute.

Our photographers had to check each item, look it up on SKUlibrary and then shoot whatever images were missing. We then had the enrichment and QA team fill in the data for every product.

It was a sad day in the studio when the courier came to collect it all. Though, every cloud has a silver (alcohol filled) lining – as a thank you Jim Beam let us keep all the RTD’s they had sent over! Needless to say, the Christmas party is going to be a lot of fun.

“As a thank you for doing the photography of all of our SKUs we would like you to keep and share the Jim Beam RTDs with your team.” – Cat Williams, Jim Beam Brand Manager.

If you’d like us to photograph your liquor products, or want to donate them to an appreciative studio, please get in touch for a chat.

Jensen Instrument Technologies 360 Product Spins

Jensen Instrument Technologies have long been known and respected as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of quality mechanical surgical instruments. They came to SKUvantage for 360 product spins for several of their instruments.

360 product spins are a challenge, but we love a challenge! We captured 24 images for each product to create the rotations. Using our magic powers (and an invisible string) our photographer suspended the instruments in mid-air so we could achieve consistent placement and lighting throughout the shots.

Our editors ensure that the products flow seamlessly from shot to shot, so that when the 360 product spins are complete they look like one continuous image and the customer can rotate them, just as if they were looking at the products in real life.

Jensen opted to host the images on their end, but if you’ve got the capacity to paste an iframe on your site, we can provide you with a fully hosted solution – it’s that easy! 360 product spins are fun for the customer and add an interactive element to your site. Check out our rotations for Jensen Instruments and get in touch to spin your own products!


Drains Online Photography

Drains Online sell, you got it, drains! They guarantee the best quality drains, at the lowest possible price. We shot product photography for a large selection of these shiny, metal drains.

The client wanted the images as high a quality as possible without showing off the natural flaws in the product. They also sent us a lot of examples of their competitors shots, so we could show off our talents and be even better than the competition! It’s important to get the lighting right for these sort of highly reflective products, else you could end up with some serious glare in the camera and some terrible looking photos.

Though they may not be the most interesting products and at times were a bit tricky to put together, our photos still turned out great and the client was extremely happy, as always.

Skort Shop Ghost Mannequin

The Skort Shop is coming soon! We caught a first glance of these funky designs by shooting their products on our ghost mannequin. We captured a few different unique items for Skort Shop, skirts with attached shorts – skorts, skirts with attached leggings – skeggings, as well as simple shorts!

Mixing comfort and style, skorts are the perfect way to rock a skirt on a windy day. Our ghost model was thrilled to be able to model these garments, they were a real throwback to her primary school days! Take a look at our shots, you can really see how comfortable and flexible the material is, and at a first glance you’d never guess that the skirts were hiding something underneath.

Keep an eye out for the launch of the Skort Shop website, and get in touch for your very own ghost mannequin shots.

Nitto Tire 180 Spins

Nitto love tires and they love people who are enthusiastic about their vehicles. We created 180 spins for their website so their clients can fully examine the products and pick out their perfect tire.

We’re well used to doing 360 spins and creating 180 spins means just half the amount of work – simple! However, the products we spin aren’t usually quite so big or cumbersome. Our photographer had to be careful not crush their fingers or toes, let a tire loose rolling around the studio or end up with a rogue tire run after them Indiana Jones style. Quite a challenge!

Following references from Nitto’s website, we shot 19 images for each tire, starting at the tread on one side and following around to the tread on the opposite side. The images required a lot of editing work, mainly tidying up the not-so-clean tire surfaces. Because of this, the client granted us an additional hour of editing per tire so we could clean them up as much as possible and make everything look utterly fabulous.

We were entirely enthusiastic about working tirelessly to deliver Nitto Tires with wheely fantastic 180 spins so everyone could retire from the job happy and satisfied.

Gordon Smith Model Shoot

We first worked with Gordon Smith way back in 2013, and have been doing model shoots with them every few months ever since. Their tag line “clothes that fit the way you live” encompasses their style of casual and classic garments for the everyday woman. Their target audience is the 35 plus demographic

Gordon Smith like Thais, a model that we work with regularly. Our team and her work well together to get through high quantities of garments during the day of the shoot. They’ve also got to make sure to capture a bunch of detail shots to show off the finer points of the items and then some accessory shots too.

Then it’s up to the editors to make sure everything is clean and correct, chin down shots with a pure white background, for Gordon Smith’s online presence.

Kis My Body Product Photography

Kis My Body make a range of aromatherapy soaps, creams and natural perfume products. They came to us for some product photography so they could advertise their products on the website which they are developing.

The request was for crisp images with a slight reflection underneath and the client wanted a lot of different options so she could use them on her website, for selling internationally and for print ads.

For the soaps and creams we showed off the actual product itself, not just the packaging. We shot the creams without the lid on and the soaps outside of their wrapper. This way, a customer will be able to look inside the product and be encouraged to buy. Then we created some group shots, putting like products together and mixing up a range of items for some interesting images. These are great for Kis My Body to use on their website.

We can’t wait to see how they use our shots. In the meantime, take a look at the images below and get in touch for your own product photography.

Accessory Photography for Urban Originals

“As well as being essential for day-to-day life, accessories say so much about our personalities, lifestyles and dreams. The right handbag or scarf can transform an ordinary outfit (or an ordinary day) in an instant – and take you places you might never have imagined.” – Urban Originals.

Accessory photography covers a wide variety of products from scarves and shoes to belts and handbags. We’ve worked with Urban Originals regularly for a couple of years now, shooting their product imagery for them.

There are a variety of different techniques that can be utilised during this sort of photography. To get the handbags looking full and so the customer can envision it hanging from their arm, we suspend them in the air and then remove the wire during editing. Wallets and purses are slightly simpler, all they need is a front on and inside shot and maybe some details. The scarves we shoot flatlay, so the customer can really appreciate the design.

Our images are up on the Urban Originals website and you can contact us for your own accessory photography.

FMCG Photography for SPC

SPC are passionate about keeping their products Aussie made, with over 97% of their content being grown here in Australia – that’s what everyone loves about them. It all got a bit fruity at SKUvantage for a week, when SPC asked us to shoot FMCG photography for them. The studio was bursting with tins of peaches, pears, tomatoes, spaghetti and baked beans.

To purchase the products for photography, we sent our shopper across the street to Woolworths where he spent the day carting trolleyfulls of items between the studio and the store. It’s never quite that easy though, we still had to investigate other stores to locate every last item, and even then, SPC had to send us the final few products as they were just nowhere to be found.

Our photographers and editors worked hard to get the shots in quickly as having a studio full of fruit was proving just too tempting for everyone. Data was written and checked for every single product, ensuring consistency between items and they were all ready to go! Another large job that the SKUvantage team completed with ease.

Pod Tracker 360 Product Spin

Never lose your pet again with the Pod Tracker. Pod Tracker is suitable for any pet from dogs and cats to birds of prey, kangaroos or even a lion! To show off this genius little product, SKUvantage supplied Pod Tracker with a 360 product spin.

A 360 product spin has the ability to show off your items from every conceivable angle. For Pod Tracker we captured 22 images for the spin, but different clients request different amounts of images and of course, we cater to every requirement.

It’s important to achieve consistent lighting and editing when creating 360 product spins, as otherwise the product can look different from different angles. This requires a seamless combination of photography and editing skills to get a smooth transition between shots and make sure the 360 spin flows smoothly for the customer. Using a super high tech set up in our studio (it’s top secret) we ensure that the product is always in the same place for the spin and so the lighting is consistent.

Spins allow the customer to control their view of the product by dragging it around, they can also click to zoom in and out. We provide you with either the images to use in your own technology or we can provide a fully hosted solution – if you can paste an iframe onto your site.

Check out our 360 product spin for Pod Tracker.


Lickety-Split Photography and Video

Lickety-Split asked SKUvantage to shoot product photography and create a short video of their products. They’ve created a range of silicone wedding bands to act as an alternative for a gold wedding band for people with an active lifestyle. Remember how in high school you were warned about wearing jewellery during sports, because it would get caught on something and your finger would be cut off? Well, Lickety-Split’s wedding bands are the solution!

It’s been proven that product videos drive up conversion rate and Lickety-Split knew to take full advantage of this. Our short video really shows off the three different rings from all angles, giving customers a view of the products that’s different to just a static image. As well as this, we provided them with quality product photography, showing off the rings from a variety of viewpoints, creating a nice gradient between the different coloured rings. Our photographer also got a taste of the hand modelling world for the afternoon, holding the ring for one of the shots to show off the supple rubberiness of the material.

The combination of product photography and video will give Lickety-Split’s customers a lot to help them with their purchasing decisions, setting them apart from competitors. If you’d like to do the same then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Lingerie Photography for Simone Pérèle

Be yourself. Love beautiful things. Appreciate the finer things in life. Feel beautiful. This is the message from Simone Pérèle and it’s one that we aim to capture through our lingerie photography. Simone Pérèle create stunning French lingerie that makes the wearer feel gorgeous – and our model certainly looks gorgeous in the final shots!

We shoot Simone Pérèle to be delivered onto the David Jones website, adhering to their style guide so that all shots are consistent and match up. Customers can really see how the pieces will fit them and take a look at the finer details. Working with a model is always fun, it’s nice for the photographer to interact with a person – laundry powder, tins of soup and shampoo bottles aren’t that great at holding a conversation! After the fashion shoot, our editors carefully tidy up the images, it’s important that the final results are as honest to the product as can be.

Take a peek at our Simone Pérèle lingerie photography results. These items will really give you a confident boost and put an extra spring in your step.

itutu Jewellery Photography

itutu translates as cool aesthetic or mystic coolness which is just the feel you get when looking through their collections. They scour the globe for stylish and cool jewellery, so that whatever you choose will represent a true expression of your own beauty and personality. We shot some jewellery photography for them, to capture a selection of their eclectic trinkets.

We’re like magpies, we’re drawn to shiny things so when a package of nearly 80 items turned up from itutu, we were thrilled. Sadly, we couldn’t sneak off with these items and add them to our hoard, we had to get to work.

Jewellery photography is always tricky, you’ve got to deal with super shiny metals and unruly reflections, hard to balance rings and making sure that everything looks exactly like it does in real life. Especially for itutu, there was a lot of angles and lighting that we played around with in order to accurately portray some of the pieces. Luckily, the photography and editing teams know just how to tame these troublesome elements, so our results are always fantastic.

Check out the itutu website to add a touch of mystic coolness to your style and have a look at our jewellery photography.

Alquema Lookbook Shoot

Alquema takes today’s woman on a cross-cultural journey of self-discovery and self-expression to find her own unique style. We spent the day with Alquema on a lookbook shoot and creating some e-commerce imagery.

Lookbooks are great fun – playing around with different styles of images with the model and letting her do her thing. The photographer cranks up the music and the two of them work together to create some great shots!

As well as the lookbook shoot, we shot some e-commerce imagery, ideal for selling garments on a website. This allows the client to see how the items will look when worn. We shoot these from three different angles to show off every aspect of the clothing.

From all the hundreds of shots taken on the day, the client chooses a selection of their favourites which we then edit. Making sure the colours are true to the product, no tags are showing and so on.

You see can see our images on the Alquema website and all over their social media. If you fancy having us do a lookbook shoot or some e-commerce photography for you, then get in touch for a chat.

Avalerio Location Photoshoot

This one was something a bit different! Avalerio called up and asked us to shoot their coffins. As coffins are probably not the easiest thing to transport, we quoted them for a location photoshoot and our photographer travelled to meet them at their funeral parlour. He was dead excited about this shoot!

On the day, our photographer shot all their coffins (and perhaps gained some muscle moving the heavy items around) as well as close ups of the individual details on the coffins and a few location images. We edited the coffins with a white background so the images were suitable for e-commerce and advertising on Avalerio’s website. The buyer is going to be spending a lot of time with their coffin, so it’s important that every detail was captured so the customer can pick their perfect resting place.

Our images are to die for, check them out below.

Hamptons House Homeware Photography

In the Hamptons, peoples lives are displayed in their furniture and Hamptons House is all about collecting pieces that have a story to tell. Located locally in Fairlight, Hamptons House came to SKUvantage for our quality homeware photography.

We shot a whole range of products; cushions, throws, plates, platters, trays, artwork, home accessories and more. Some particularly funky and fun to look at, such as the carp platter and the giant face scarves. To shoot all the different products, our photographers split them up, shooting cushions in one go, scarves in another and so on. This means that they didn’t have to repeatedly change their set up after each shot was taken, it’s little things like this that ensure a shoot runs smoothly and reduces the overall time spent.

We uploaded the shots into our image library, SKUlibrary, for the client to look over and approve or offer feedback on. It’s important to us that the client is totally happy with their images and that they capture the products in the right way. Once the images have been completed and everyone’s happy with them, Hamptons House can download them in a variety of sizes and whichever format they wish (JPG, PNG or Tiff). The final images can be used for both the client’s online shop and printed media too.

The Hamptons House collection is a celebration of 
the divine union in the unexpected, their pieces are certainly unique and we captured all the distinct product features to show off their homeware to its full potential.

Hunter & Alexandra Ghost Mannequin

Hunter & Alexandra came to SKUvantage for ghost mannequin photography to show off their lovely clothes.

Ghost mannequin photography is a really fun way to show off your products, this method makes it look as if the garments are being modelled by the invisible woman. Don’t call the Ghostbusters just yet though – it’s simply a combination of our studio mannequin and fantastic editing techniques. Hunter & Alexandra utilised this method for a selection of their clothing including tops, skirts and trousers. To capture the inside details of the clothes we shoot them as standard and then flip them inside out. Our editors then combine the shots to achieve the ghostly results.

Take a look at our ghost mannequin photography results for Hunter & Alexandra and get in touch with us to spook up your own range of garments.

Irving & Powell Model Shoot

Irving & Powell’s distinct brand of utilitarian men and women’s clothing just launched this summer! We were lucky enough to get a first look at the garments by working on a model shoot with them. Irving & Powell take their inspiration from the good things in life, with natural fabrics that can last a lifetime. On their website, they list their favourite things – everything from good coffee to salty beach skin to relaxing in bed at night.

A fun time was had by everyone on the day of the shoot itself, from the photographer to the models to the assistant steaming the clothes as the shoot went on. The male and female model worked tirelessly on rotation to get all the shots within the time frame, it was like a well-oiled photography machine. We also shot the shirts flatlay, folded up, to get a neat and uniform look to represent each shirt on their shop page.

Check out the Irving & Powell website to see how our photography works on a client’s websites, and how the different methods – ghost and flatlay – work well together for customers.

Samantha Wills Jewellery Photography

“I love the concept of bohemian luxury. A mix of raw & polished stones with silk, wood with faceted jewels. I design this way for the SW woman. She is my muse. She is creative. She is strong. She is adventurous & marches to the beat of her own drum. Charting a life of extraordinary moments.” – Samantha Wills.

Samantha Wills approached SKUvantage for a jewellery photography shoot that was slightly out of the ordinary. Samantha Wills is one of Australia’s most dynamic designers, with her jewellery even having been featured in Sex and the City!

Graphic designer Bettina came along to the studio to oversee the shoot, working with our photographer to ensure that they got the results that they were looking for. Samantha Wills were after something a little different to a regular jewellery shoot, wanting more styled, still life type shots. We shot curled ribbons, gift boxes of various sizes, handwritten notes, styled lifestyle images showing the jewellery alongside magazines and perfume and, of course, some group jewellery shots with both white and black backgrounds.

Check out these cool images and get in touch for your own!

Studio Bagno Product Photography

The name Studio Bagno may sound funky, but, it simply means Bathroom Studio in Italian.

No matter what you desire from your bathroom, Studio Bagno has a quality product to suit your needs. We shot some stylised product photography for a variety their of in counter sinks, above counter sinks and toilets.

Sinks and toilets… finally, a shoot to get excited about! You may not think that bathroom items are the most interesting, or the most desirable, products to photograph, but it is often the products you wouldn’t expect that throw up the most challenges. Getting the lighting right during the shoot was essential to the outcome of these images, the client wanted strong contrasts in the final pictures, shadows and a gentle reflective shadow on the surface below the product.

Our editors had to make sure that all the different reflections were correct and natural, as the metallic taps, shiny ceramics and black surface on which the items were placed had the tendency to be a bit tricky.

Powder Perfect Product Photography

Powder Perfect in an independent beauty company based in Queensland. They offer vegan products and absolutely never test on animals – guilt-free beauty! The creator came to us for some photography of their nail polish bottles, she also asked us to create swatches for each colour, which required a bit of clever editing.

For a few days the studio was overwhelmed with the strong scent of nail polish and tiny bottle in all the colours of the rainbow. Even the guys were tempted to try them out!

Our top editor tried out a few clever editing techniques to get the swatches just right, using the captured images of the nail polish bottle to create a small sample of the colour. Look at the results – she ‘nailed’ it!

I Am Finesse Model and Ghost Photography

Sometimes a client wants to utilise our talents for more than one method of photography, in order to really show off their products in every way. This was the case with I Am Finesse, a new business just starting up, they chose model and ghost photography so their customers could check out the clothes from all sort of different viewpoints.

I Am Finesse selected the lovely Polly to model their garments, with simple makeup and pulled back hair on a plain white background. Our photographer shot Polly from a variety of different angles to show off every detail of the items.

For our ghost photography, we first shoot the garment as standard on our haunted mannequin, then we turn it inside out and shoot the inside details too – sounds bizarre, I know! This is so that when it comes to creating the final result our editors can comp together the two shots and make it appear as if the clothes really were modelled by the Invisible Woman.

Both fashion shoots resulted in beautiful final images. We wish I Am Finesse all the best with their new business and hope to work with them again soon.

Karolina Couture Ghost Mannequin

Delight in sumptuous textures, sexy modern designs and carefully structured fits with Karolina Couture.

Karolina Couture were unhappy with the last photographer they worked with, they just couldn’t get the images how they wanted them. So when they came to us, we knew it was important that we nailed this job! (Just like we do with every job that comes to us, of course.)

Our ghostly mannequin revelled in the opportunity to wear these sexy pieces, she’s much more used to being covered up with jackets and t-shirts. A lot of editing was required to eliminate every trace of our spooky model, as these items were very sheer, with lace and mesh areas that required careful working around.

Sometimes we’re forced to charge a client extra editing costs, when the job becomes particularly finicky. This is never a problem for the client, they’re always happy to cover the costs so that we can complete the job to the best of our ability and present them with outstanding results. For Karolina Couture, though we shot on ghost mannequin – she wanted more of a flat lay style, so we stepped up our editing to incorporate this.

Take a look at our results and get in touch with us about any of your fashion photography requirements!

GotStock Product Photography

GotStock offers the A-Z of industrial, warehouse, office and workplace safety supplies. To show them what we can do we shot product photography, a 360 spin and a video for their 12-in-1 multi-function tool.

The short video shows off the details of the item, particularly the lights that illuminate the tools as you work. Features such as this can not as easily be portrayed through photography, so a video is ideal. We also created a 360 spin, so that customers can control their own view of the product. With our rotations you can zoom in and out and rotate the tool to view it from every angle – until technology develops and we can reach into a computer screen to test out a product, this is the best way of checking out a potential purchase without leaving the house. Both product videos and spins have been proven to drive up purchases.

Additionally, we created product images of the tool, showcasing all the individual features. Our images are ideal for both e-commerce and print media. Following the success of this project, GotStock then sent us a variety of traffic cones for photography. We can’t wait to see what they send us next!

GOBAG Product Photography

If you haven’t heard of the GOBAG yet, you soon will! Here at SKUvantage we got a fantastic first look at this innovative little bag and have created some wonderful product photography shots for GOBAG’s campaigns. It’s the ultimate bag for travelling; carry-on size and compact with a variety of different features for everything that you need when going away. With a detachable clear washbag, so you don’t need to waste time at airport security transferring your toiletries to their pesky plastic bags and the Max Pack Bag which allows you to vacuum pack your clothing, leaving you with more room to take absolutely everything that you need.

For our product photography, we shot the bag from all sorts of different angles. We even got the client to model the bag in a few shots, so customers can visualise the sizing and how it will sit on their body. With a product like this, it’s important that we show off every individual aspect, so customers can see the benefits of what they’re buying – we’re well versed in this area of photography so this was no problem for us. Our photographer made sure that each image showed off the functionality of the bag, while our editors made sure the images accurately reflected the physical product.

The results were fantastic and GOBAG are already using our images on their website.

Dily Hill Flatlay

Dily Hill’s fantastic range of colourful and fun children’s onesies and pants are sure to put a smile on your baby’s face.

We recently shot this gorgeous range of baby clothes for Dily Hill using our excellent flatlay photography style. Flatlay is a great method of photography that allows us to capture all the wonderful detail and vibrant colours on the clothing, like the gorgeous feathery foliage on the Leafy Green Onesie and the cool ocean waves on the Whirlpool Waves Onesie. We meticulously styled and smoothed out each product, as well as playing around with different arm movements for the long sleeved onesies, to ensure that they looked their absolute best for Dily Hill. Front and back flatlay shots as well as paired and group shots of the clothes really show off the range of Dily Hill‘s fun designs and how wonderfully they match together.

The Rarity Group Ghost Mannequin

The Rarity Group originally operated as a fashion manufacturer and retailer in Australia for more than 35 years. Since then they have evolved and expanded to be an independent importer and wholesaler of a diverse range of quality women’s fashion throughout Australia and New Zealand. SKUvantage recently provided them with ghost mannequin photography for a range of their trousers, skirts, dresses and tops.

Originally The Rarity Group wanted their clothes shot flat lay, not from the front as is standard, but from the side. However, after a discussion it was decided that this wasn’t the best way to get the most out of the products and they sent us some smaller sizes so we could proceed with our ghost mannequin method. We gathered the local spooks to model the garments for us and the result was some beautiful, crisp images that really complement the clothes.

Sugar Cane Trading Rug Photography

Sugar Cane Trading produce gorgeous, quality rugs. They’re handmade by artisans in India and made with upcycled materials like denim cut-offs and pieces of colourful saris. Every purchase of a Sugarcane Trading rug contributes to The Sugarcane Trust, which was set up to enhance the welfare and livelihoods of the artisans and their families. We were thrilled to work with this ethical company and be the supplier of their rug photography.

The bold and vibrant colours really came alive in the photographs, which we shot close up and from a birds-eye view. They originally wanted a hand holding the rug, but none of us here can exactly qualify as hand models, so we took a shot of the rug from the side instead to show off the thickness.

Did you know we write copy too? Sugar Cane Trading provided us with their target audience, tone of voice, SEO and a few other details and we wrote descriptions for all of the rugs that we photographed.

Check out their website for the images and descriptions.

Ford and Harris Jewellery Shoot

F+H Jewellery is quickly forging a reputation as Australia’s tough-luxe jewellery brand, with a focus on creating original modern designs with a strong clean-lined aesthetic. We carried out a jewellery shoot for Ford and Harris so they could sell their products on their website.

Each piece is meticulously created by award winning artisan jewellers with over 50 years experience, so it was important that the quality and craftsmanship were showcased through our photography. This sort of imagery is tricky to shoot, but with every job we do we get better and better, resulting in a lot of happy clients.

Our images are up on their website, check them out and get in touch about your own jewellery photography needs!

Ghost Mannequin for Waxx Industries

Tired of the same uncomfortable, boring underwear? Waxx’s mission is to provide comfortable, practical underwear and clothing for active Australians. SKUvantage stripped down to shoot some underwear photography for Waxx.

Sadly our beloved male mannequin, Bruce, was rejected for this shoot – his butt just wasn’t fabulous enough. Luckily we had another mannequin on site, this one with a superior posterior. We sent Bruce away to do some squats, so hopefully he’s up to scratch for the next project!

To capture these colourful pants we took pack shots, front-on shots, butt shots and detail shots. Take a look at the images, Waxx’s underwear is so fun and colourful. The underwear we shot is bursting with smiley faces, bright geometric designs, dummies and lollies and rad sports images.

Get inspired by our underwear shots and scoot on over to their website to check them out. Or get in touch with us for your own product photography.

Cycology Fashion Photography

Fashion photography encompasses many different methods of photography, from ghost mannequin to model photography. Cycology came to us with a variety of their products and asked us to utilise a selection of these methods to show off the items. Cycology was created by an artist and designer, her desire to become a full-time athlete was hindered by a lack of talent in the area (their words, not ours!), she didn’t let that defeat her and instead focusses her passion into her designs.

The client hand delivered all their items to the studio, explaining how they wanted each product to look in the final images. This is a nice change from phone or email conversations, as the client can get a look at the studio and show us exactly what they want – there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned face-to-face discussion.

Our old favourite, the ghost mannequin, came out to play with the Cycology products. The ghostly model was allowed to move around a bit for a change, as the client’s wanted their tops and shorts shot at a slight angle. The spook also got to show off their invisible facial expressions by modelling a selection of bandanas. We also shot the bandanas laid out from a birds eye view, the same with the sports towels. For this, our photographer scales the walls and hangs upside down from the ceiling (or sets up a camera rig, if they prefer) to capture clear shots from above. The towels were shot folded up too – who doesn’t love a neatly folded towel? Finally, the caps, these were captured from a variety of angles to capture the details. As well as this we shot them with the rims pushed up, so the underneath details can be seen.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Cycology in the future.

Woody Roo Ghost Photography

WoodyRoo is all about being a gentleman… but a fun gentleman! They’re characterised by elements of classic tailoring and contemporary, youthful cuts – a ‘modern classic’ brand. We often work with WoodyRoo and shoot ghost photography for their garments.

To model for WoodyRoo, our resident male mannequin, Bruce, drinks his special invisibility potion and strikes the poses – he’s got the technique perfected. Then it’s up to the editing team to ensure that none of Bruce is visible in the final shots. Their top secret methods involve combining the front on images with shots of the shorts taken inside out. This means that the inside seams are visible and creates a truly ghostly look.

Our shots are up on the ‘Shop’ section of the WoodyRoo website – check them out!

Grand Diva Fashion Photography

Grand Diva is an Australian owned and operated designer of contemporary evening, formal and plus size dresses… Grand Diva is you! Fashion photography shoots are fun and we were thrilled to be hired by Grand Diva to shoot a range of their dresses.

On the day of the shoot, the client turned up to help style the products. It’s always great to get them in the studio so that we know that they’re as happy as can be with everything, and face-to-face discussions are much better than emails or a phone conversation. Our photographer always has a great time working with the models and playing around with different angles and poses to get the clothes to look as good as possible.

After the shoot the editors make sure the lighting hits the dresses right and tidy up any messy details that could distract the customer from focussing on the stunning garments. Then we send the images to the client for feedback and after resolving any issues, they’re good to go. The quality of our images mean that they can be used in all digital channels, in print and in catalogues.

We hope to work with Grand Diva again in the future and are always excited about doing more fashion photography shoots with all sorts of clients.