Reckitt Benckiser Category Managers Product Content Advisory 

We are working with Reckitt Benckiser to improve the digital product content assets across the Reckitt Benckiser range.

The output of this project will generate great digital content for Reckitt Benckiser products that can be:
• Used in the Reckitt Benckiser internal PIM
• Provided as content to online retailers
• Provides as content for the Reckitt Benckiser web sites

As part of this engagement we have agreed to provide the following to Reckitt Benckiser for each product we receive.
• Up to 8 images per product to print quality standard
• Fully structured product data captured in a data model agreed with each category
• Full transcription of content from packaging and any web site resource
• A package of any other existing digital assets e.g. pdf’s, video etc. provided to use, for easy access
• Additional videos & animation can be commissioned at very reasonable rates

All this content will then be accessible via our content platform of SKUlibrary

For all products we will capture the data below as standard, to help customers select from product. However to make this richer and to provide the most useful information to customers we require some simple information from you

We would be grateful if you could answer the following questions below:

If you have any questions, please email

Many thanks for your assistance


Product Content data already being captured from packaging where possible

Summary description
Preparation Instructions
Setup Instructions
Storage Instructions
Usage Instructions
Colour Group
Product form
Care Instructions
Frequency of use
Country of Origin
Environmental Claim
Serving Size
Servings Per Pack
Allergen Contains
Allergen May be Present
Allergen Free From
Dietary Claim
Lifestyle Claim
Suitable For
Nutritional information table