Reebok Location Lookbook Photography

A leading active brand, Reebok is dedicated to changing lives with the power of sport. Driven by a passion for fitness, Reebok footwear and clothing is designed to treat fitness not as a chore, but as a way of life. With a focus on being distinctive, relevant and authentic, Reebok is a great fit for consumers of all ages who are ready for anything and capable of everything.

For their recent lookbook photography photoshoot with SKUvantage studio, Reebok booked a combination of studio and location images.  Location photography is a great way to tell your brand’s story and providing consumers with an opportunity to see products within context.  Reebok had a male and female model for this shoot, using minimal props to really draw attention to the clothing and shoes.

The SKUvantage photographer captured a range of full body and close up shots. The full body shots allow potential customers to see what the product looks like on, and the close-up shots draw attention to all the little details that inform buying decisions.

SKUvantage has mastered the art of location lookbook photography. The final shots from the shoot turned out great and really showcase this leading active brand’s inspiring products.  Contact us for a custom quote for lookbook photography, on location or in our well-equipped studio.