Revlon Product Photography

Amid an ever-changing and competitive landscape, it is crucial to have great consumer facing product information, to give consumers the information they need for research and purchase. Revlon, one of Australia’s most-loved cosmetic brands, sought to get their product photography to ‘best in class’ in order to achieve their strategic goals for digital growth and strong brand recognition. To meet this challenge, Revlon turned to SKUvantage.

The brief required multiple images of each product, with zoom and enriched descriptions. SKUvantage created additional images to highlight benefits of the individual products. This included styling of the products or a comped image of an eye shadow and application brush together. The team of professional image editors at SKUvantage used their finely tuned skills to edit for consistency across like products.

At SKUvantage, we offer a full turnkey service, from shooting and editing, to delivery and syndication, with feeds to leading retailers and ecommerce platforms. For Revlon Australia, SKUvantage captured multiple images for more than 600 products, with over 1800 individual images feeding through to Chemist Warehouse, Coles, Woolworths, and other retailers. This enabled Revlon to optimise more commercial opportunities, more easily, whilst making sure their brands look great on important digital channels. Head over to Coles, Chemist Warehouse and Woolworths to take a look at some of the Revlon products being featured online.

“The SKUVANTAGE team were super professional and responsive throughout the set up of our more than 600 SKUs on SKULIBRARY. They were very quick to answer any of our queries and help troubleshoot. They were happy to re-shoot any images we weren’t 100% satisfied with and would always call to double check things before proceeding. Nothing seemed like too much trouble. A great team to work with!”

Caitlin Bancroft,