SKUcopy is a service from SKUvantage that provides low cost, high-quality product descriptions with minimal client effort.

Good product descriptions are essential for any e-commerce site that sells products or services. They inform your customers, provide an engaging experience in every channel and really sell your products, just as a sales person would in a store.

Good product descriptions deliver a higher conversion rate and often a higher average basket size on your website. They increase the purchase rate of higher price point products and allow you to seamlessly cross-sell into other products. The SEO benefits reduce marketing costs by making your products easy to find on search engines, which means that you’ll be spending less on paid marketing.

Experienced e-commerce businesses know that the benefits of sales uplift and lower marketing costs means that making an investment in good product descriptions is a normal part of running their websites.

copywriting service - product descriptions drive sales

How we do it:

We provide you with a briefing form so you can describe the structure, tone and other requirements of your descriptions. Descriptions are written to drive SEO, either to our standards or your own.

Using our team of copywriters, we can produce product descriptions using as little as an image. All we need is a list of products that require a description! We then deliver a sample for you to approve.

Our descriptions are written by experienced copywriters and proofread by a senior copywriter, which you can then approve using our SKUlibrary platform. Finally, we provide the descriptions to you in your desired format.

Examples of Our Work

We have written thousands of product descriptions for many major retailers across categories from furniture to fashion and toys to jewellery.

If your business requires product descriptions, why not try us out for a free trial. Please contact us for a consultation and a quote.


Our client work has included:

  • 800 Descriptions for the Myer gift guide in just a few days.
  • 2000 descriptions for City Beach.
  • 250 descriptions for a Hotels referral site.
  • 3000 short and long descriptions for an incentives provider.
  • 500 short and long descriptions for a major jewellery retailer.

“The product descriptions from SKUVANTAGE resulted in improved organic website traffic, higher conversion and better customer experience”.

Michael Cheng,
City Beach.

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SKUcopy is the copywriting service from SKUvantage designed to drive your conversion rate.