Making FMCG products look good online

As consumers increasingly use digital channels for research and purchase, it is essential for brands to make their products look as good online as offline. Simple images on promotional lines are no longer sufficient. SKUlibrary is built by a team with decades of experience in ecommerce to create, manage and share full product content between retailer partners, across the whole range, efficiently and effectively. With full product content, consumers are better informed, sales increase and costs reduced.

With thousands of products under management, and digital images and content being distributed into retailers of all sizes and sectors, the SKUlibrary platform is the fastest growing, innovative solution for getting grocery, liquor and pharmacy product information in front of consumers.

All of the major grocery, liquor and pharmacy retailers use SKUlibrary as a source of product photography and content, including Woolworths, Coles and Metcash. Hundreds of other retailers from the largest to the smallest independent grocers, chemists and bottle shops, source content from SKUlibrary for their web sites and marketing material. SKUvantage also manages the product content portal for Coles online, with SKUlibrary client content being loaded on the Coles web site.

No other platform has such a broad network to distribute full product content to all channels of so many retailers.













Covering many vendors, sectors and products

SKUlibrary hosts thousands of products across dozens of Australia’s largest vendors. Companies such as Reckitt Benckiser, Johnson & Johnson, Lion, Carlton United Breweries, McCormick, Greens General Foods and many more, have all chosen SKUlibrary for hosting images, full product information and marketing assets.

SKUlibrary simplifies vendor processes by acting as a single source of the truth for product information for brand and retailer web sites, internal systems, and other digital channels to retailers and consumers. With its low cost and high flexibility, vendors drive sales and reduce cost by using SKUlibrary as a product catalogue for their full range, and to share other marketing material.

Key advantages of SKUlibrary

  • Able to host all digital product content
  • SKUvantage do the work to load content
  • Content loaded onto Coles web site at no charge
  • Able to easily repurpose product content onto any platform
  • Full flexibility in attributes hosted and shared
  • Full control over who can see what, down to product and attributes
  • Digital trade presenters for sharing content as part of sales cycle
  • Access to all retailers, including Woolworths, Coles, Metcash
  • Work with retailers to improve the presentation of your content on their sites
  • SKUlibrary is continuously being improved and developed

From a team that understands ecommerce!

"SKUvantage doesn't just provide the client with a technology platform to manage. We do the heavy lifting and help drive value from your content" 













SKUlibrary makes managing and sharing grocery and product content very easy

SKUlibrary makes managing and sharing grocery and product content very easy

The flexible solution for presenting product information

SKUlibrary is built on a powerful product information management system and hosted securely in the cloud. Content is easy to create and manage, and not restricted to a rigid data model. For full flexibility, any data attribute can be individually configured by user for view, read or write permission, giving a customised presentation of the same product for different groups.

Minimal client effort to drive value from content

Any system is useless without reliable content. SKUvantage recognises that vendors are already stretched and have little capacity to manage product information, so provides services to populate SKUlibrary from various data sources. As former online retailers, SKUvantage understands the form and format of information that web sites require to make product content work for both the retailer and brand, and has already compiled full product content for thousands of products.

SKUvantage does the work to drive value from product content, so the vendor can focus on what they do best.



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SKUlibrary for sharing content

Product content can be easily shared with various platforms, avoiding rekeying and driving sales





Re-purpose content with ease.

Content can be shared as CSV, XML, iframe, or API, into client or partner systems, making it easily and widely available. Product information can also be presented onto client’s existing field sales tools with minimal effort, and SKUlibrary’s digital trade presenters avoid distributing costly marketing collateral. SKUlibrary delivers true flexibility in presenting product content at the point of use.

For a demonstration of just how easy it is to re-use product visit




Demonstration of using SKUlibrary

The video below demonstrates the basic use of SKUlibrary. More functionality exists beyond this. Please get in touch to see more.