Article published by The Drinks Association on 12th October 2020.

It is well known that the challenges of the last nine months have resulted in a sharp acceleration in the growth of liquor e-commerce. Major drinks retailers have accordingly seized on this opportunity to develop their e-commerce capability and invest in their consumer proposition, both for direct online sales and click and collect. This has resulted in a requirement to invest in product information and the ability to present more engaging product content to shoppers.

Capitalising on the opportunity

Consumers have always wanted good product information – we know this as shoppers in our own right. There is nothing more frustrating than not having access to the product information about something you’re interested in buying.
However, retailers and brands have often fallen short in providing informative and engaging product content. The accelerating shifts in buyer behaviour and the importance of e-commerce now make solving this an imperative to maintain market share.

SKUvantage has been working with retailers to deliver better product information to their customers by using SKUlibrary for both product information management technology, and to provide feeds of our brand clients’ product content. The SKUlibrary platform also provides the opportunity for hundreds of smaller bottle shops in Australia and New Zealand to easily source our brand clients’ product content through manual download.

Getting ready for Christmas

All the major drinks manufacturers in Australia use SKUlibrary to manage their product information. With Christmas approaching, now is the time to ensure that your products have all the product information that consumers may require, so that retailers may access this and present it to their shoppers. This should include multiple images, 360 spins, video, engaging descriptions, tasting notes and other product data. Beyond this, some leading retailers are now exploring even more engaging ways of using product content to create a better shopping experience for their customers, and SKUlibrary is well positioned to deliver on their evolving strategies.

Simply put, without product information available to them, retailers can’t display it to their shoppers. SKUlibrary is the most efficient way to distribute this product content to retailers, and with Christmas peak trade just weeks away, now is the time to act.

A holistic business solution

Beyond delivering product content to retailers, SKUlibrary also helps solve the problem of how to ensure your teams are operating from the same version of images and product information. This easy access to a single source of truth makes tasks easier to perform, even more important during the current stressful period and with social distance working practices in place. SKUlibrary also saves time and effort by feeding B2B e-commerce platforms, brand sites and other internal systems. This is all outlined here.

If the required product information is currently not available on SKUlibrary, SKUvantage supports retailers to source product information from their suppliers. So, if you receive a request from SKUvantage to provide product information on behalf of the retailer, this is a great opportunity to get your product information looking good on their website for no additional cost. However, this approach only delivers product content to that individual one retailer. Syndicating product content through SKUlibrary gives hundreds of retailers access to your product content simultaneously.

To help brands achieve a digital presence with minimal effort, the SKUvantage solution suite provides services including product photography, product renders, product data enrichment, product videos and beyond. We have numerous examples of how this one stop shop of technology and services reduces the effort for teams in giving retailers and consumers the product information they need.

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