The in-house product information management system we use to manage the product content we capture for our clients

SKULIBRARY is now available as a user-friendly, low cost, simple to use system for small to mid-sized retailers who do not need an enterprise PIM. This avoids the risks of Excel and hard drives in managing product content and images.

SKULIBRARY is built on the very powerful Hybris ecommerce platform and customised to provide:

  • very easy to use front end, which any business user can use without training.
  • The ability to create products in the front end in less than a minute.
  • The ability to enter and manage product data into pre-defined data models for each category.


This is combined with an infinite flexibility to configure the platform for a client’s requirement, including:

  • All attributes can be customised in name, type, and layout.
  • Controlling which users and groups can see and edit which products.
  • The ability to publish content externally via API, CSV and customised iFrame (see an example of this here).


This provides for a system which can be used by organisations that:

  • Do not need the complexity available in an enterprise PIM but want to stop using Excel and other inappropriate ways of managing product content.
  • Do not have the financial or people resources to manage a PIM.
  • Need something that can be quickly set up, cost-effectively and start making a difference immediately.


Setting up SKULIBRARY as a PIM for a client is a straightforward 3 step process, most of which is done by SKUVANTAGE:

  • Define and build data models.
  • Create users and assign their permissions.
  • Populate content.


For further information, please watch the video below and request further information here: