For Retailers

Product content is the iceberg of online retail – usually underestimated and sometimes totally missed.

Capturing, producing and structuring product content, sourced from numerous parties is a major challenge for retailers and usually not something that comes naturally. Completing the process puts additional tasks on overburdened buyers, requires recruitment of process and data management skills and demands investment in creative production infrastructure. Not forgetting all the management overhead that is needed to keep everything working.

Retailers don’t design the packaging of the physical product, so why design the packaging of the virtual product? SKUvantage removes this headache, enabling retailers to focus on simply being good retailers.

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For Suppliers

Online retail sites are your brand’s opportunity to communicate product benefits directly with their consumers.

Retailers find it extremely challenging to capture and present product content across so many products and categories and to request content from suppliers. However, it is often no different with suppliers, for similar reasons of resources, focus and capability. This can lead to your brand and products being poorly represented on your own sites, on hundreds of retailer websites and other media. It doesn’t have to be like this…

SKUvantage can help by taking your products and creating structured data, images and content that retailers can feed into their online systems. We provide a single source of truth to all retailers for your product content, which alleviates the burden of having to deal with multiple sources.

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