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SKUvantage is here for all your Sydney product photography needs! From very small brands to huge retailers, we service clients from every corner of Australia, whether they’ve got 10 or 10,000 products.

Have a browse though some of our recent work below, which illustrate our capability across a range of clients – giving you a sneak peek into the types of product photography that we can offer you from our base in Sydney. We do it all, from stylised lookbook shoots to spooky ghost mannequin photography, spritzed bottles, and FMCG photography – we even manage to make raw meat look delicious.

If you’d like to discuss hiring us for your product photography, want to check out some of our fantastic client testimonials or simply fancy a chat about what we can offer you, then please get in touch!

Finish product photography

Reckitt Benckiser

RB Product Content Overview Like all FMCG companies, RB has a challenge of positioning product information and content in front of consumers. They are at the mercy of retailers to capture and display content appropriately. To take control, RB selected SKUvantage to capture complete product content for its full product range. This could then be shared…

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KORA Organics Product Photography

KORA Organics

KORA Organics Product Photography KORA Organics founder and CEO, Miranda Kerr, truly believes that healthy skin is the most beautiful skin! Together with her team, she has created a range of highly concentrated and active products to cleanse and detoxify your skin. Launched in 2009, these gorgeous products are now sold worldwide and are certified organic…

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AB World Foods FMCG Photography

AB World Foods

AB World Foods Case Study International Brand of the Year revitalises e-commerce strategy with SKUvantage. Strong brand recognition starts with an informed consumer. Informed consumers are trusting, curious and eager to buy, especially in a fiercely competitive landscape like e-commerce. To stay ahead of the competition, AB World Foods turned to SKUvantage to help revitalise Pataks…

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Revlon product photography


Revlon Product Photography Amid an ever-changing and competitive landscape, it is crucial to have great consumer facing product information, to give consumers the information they need for research and purchase. Revlon, one of Australia’s most-loved cosmetic brands, sought to get their product photography to ‘best in class’ in order to achieve their strategic goals for…

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Bunnings Product Photography


Bunnings Product Photography Big and bulky barbeques aren’t the easiest thing to transport, so we left the studio and headed to Bunnings for this product photography shoot. Light tricks, careful angles, and editing techniques are important with incredible shiny products such as these, no one wants to see the photographer reflected in the final shot! Luckily we have…

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Byron Jerky Product Photography

Byron Jerky

Byron Jerky Product Photography Recently a whole bunch of beef jerky rocked up in the studio for Byron Jerky Product Photography! You wouldn’t believe how popular dried, cured meat can be, everyone was fighting over the samples. Surprisingly, the ‘ring stinger’ flavour was a crowd favourite! We shot a variety of different shots so Byron Jerky could advertise…

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Jim Beam Liquor Photography

Jim Beam

Jim Beam Liquor Photography We’ve worked with Beam Suntory and Jim Beam for ages shooting liquor photography for their bottles and cans. They asked us to fill the gap in their product range so that every item has a 3D, front and side on shot. As a result, the studio was inundated with mountains of alcohol, I swear it almost…

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SPC FMCG Photography


SPC FMCG Photography SPC are passionate about keeping their products Aussie made, with over 97% of their content being grown here in Australia – that’s what everyone loves about them. It all got a bit fruity at SKUvantage for a week, because of the SPC FMCG photography, the studio was bursting with tins of peaches, pears, tomatoes,…

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Avalerio Location Photography


Avalerio Location Photography This one was something a bit different! Avalerio called up and asked us to shoot their coffins. As coffins are probably not the easiest thing to transport, we quoted them for a location photo shoot and our photographer travelled to meet them at their funeral parlour. He was dead excited about this shoot! On…

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Powder Perfect Product Photography

Powder Perfect

Powder Perfect Product Photography Powder Perfect is an independent beauty company based in Queensland. They offer vegan products and absolutely never test on animals – guilt-free beauty! The creator came to us for some Powder Perfect Product Photography of their nail polish bottles, she also asked us to create swatches for each colour, which required a bit…

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GotStock Product Photography


GotStock Product Photography GotStock offers the A-Z of industrial, warehouse, office and workplace safety supplies. To show them what we can d,o we shot product photography, a 360 spin and a video for their 12-in-1 multi-function tool. The short video shows off the details of the item, particularly the lights that illuminate the tools as you work. Features such…

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LuxaTan Product Photography


LuxaTan Product Photography  Bring on the summer! It’s time to throw away your jumpers and hit the beach. If you find that your pasty white skin is a bit overwhelming, you may want to try out some LuxaTan products to give yourself a bronzed glow and that extra confidence boost. We recently shot some product photography…

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Carlton and United Brewers Liquor Photography

Carlton and United Brewers

Carlton and United Brewers Liquor Photography  Carlton and United Brewers are one of our much-loved liquor clients. We provide them with excellent liquor photography. Spritzing is a lot of fun – our photographers really get down and personal with the bottle. Getting those tricky little water droplets exactly where you want them is no easy task!…

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Kmart Product Photography


Kmart Product Photography  Kmart came to us with a large job – product photography and data for hundreds of products to go on their website. Sending this many items through the post isn’t exactly practical, so we hired a 1-ton van and travelled across the city to a couple of Kmart stores on the other side of Sydney. Here,…

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Inghams Product Photography


Inghams Product Photography  SKUvantage provides Ingham Australia with product photography for a range of their chicken and turkey products. Ingham have been working for nearly a century providing Australians with high-quality poultry products – “doing the right things and doing things right,” is their motto. With plastic bag packaging, reflective plastics, use by dates that need to be removed and…

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Coles Product Photography


Coles Product Photography  We were hired by Coles to shoot some product photography for a selection of their own brand products. Everybody has heard of and shopped at Coles, so this was a big deal. Products aren’t always sent to us, sometimes we get the chance to leave the studio and go shopping! Though on this occasion…

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Brown Brothers Wine Bottle Photography

Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers Wine Bottle Photography Brown Brothers come to SKUvantage for a variety of their wine bottle photography. Wine bottles are probably one the trickiest areas of product photography to capture, but despite the challenges it’s one of our favourite techniques. We’re constantly playing around with lighting methods and editing tricks in order to improve ourselves and produce even…

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Campari Australia Liquor Photography

Campari Australia

Campari Australia Liquor Photography Campari Australia come to SKUvantage for product photography of their crates, packs and single bottles of liquor. Most recently we shot a range of Fused By Skyy vodka mixes and Badgers Bluff whiskey products. Both of these required careful lighting and editing to make the bottles appear bright and bold. For Campari’s Fused By Skyy vodka, our…

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Absolut Botanik Liquor Photography

Absolut Botanik

Absolut Botanik Liquor Photography The team at Absolut entrusted us with a top secret task – product photography of their new Absolut Botanik range. We’re very good at keeping secrets here at SKUvantage, but we signed over our silence just for extra peace of mind for our client. Cartons, six packs, and individual bottles and cans were sent over…

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Home Hub Editorial Photography Shoot

Home Hub

Home Hub Editorial Photography Home Hub are passionate about all things ‘home’ and want to inspire people with a truly great choice of furniture, bedding, kitchen, bathroom, office, flooring and electrical appliances, all in one handy location. Their seasonal inspiration guides offer customers a look at the season hottest trends, most fabulous furniture and signature…

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Target Product Photography


Target Product Photography Target is an iconic Australian retailer dedicated to making fashion, style, and quality affordable for the whole family. We recently did a lovely homeware photography shoot for Target showcasing their homewares products. Bold colours and fun designs are the focus here and our photographers and editors did an excellent job showing off the products…

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Canadian Club Liquor Photography

Canadian Club

Canadian Club Liquor Photography From the award-winning family of Canadian Club Whiskies. This Liquor Photography was carefully created to match the lighting style of Canadian Club products. Liquor photography is always fun, there are so many different ways that you can light a bottle so the list is endless. Our photography team pay special attention to reflections and look…

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Luvelo Appliance Product Photography

Luvelo Appliance

Luvelo Appliance Product Photography Luvelo is an innovative electrical appliance company committed to developing quality, healthy style appliance products. We think it’s important in appliance product photography to deliver images that best reflect the nature of the product. Luvelo’s products are innovative and intuitive. It was good fun shooting a product to reflect these elements in…

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Chivas Regal Liquor Photography

Chivas Regal

Chivas Regal Liquor Photography It was great to work with the Chivas Regal range of Scotch whiskies. We were all sad to return this special bottle back to our client. The team paid special attention to the way that the light passed through the liquid so that the bottle appears to be glowing. We wanted to make sure…

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Pilot Pen Lifestyle Photography

Pilot Pen

Pilot Pen Lifestyle Photography Who doesn’t love a smooth writing experience? Pilot is a leading Japanese brand known for high-quality writing tools and innovative products. We were super excited to have Pilot Pen Australia in our studio for an amazing day of shooting. To really show off the products and get the most out of the photography session,…

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