Sydney studio product photography solutions


Our awesome product content production team deliver high quality product photography, renders, data transcription, 360 spins, video and product descriptions.

You name it, we’ve done it.

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Product information management system


The SKUlibrary Product Information Management (PIM) platform makes creating, managing & distributing product content much easier, for retailers, wholesalers and suppliers.

We actually use our own platform!

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Vendor portal service


Get product content from your suppliers with an easier process for your business and theirs. Our managed service is used by many leading retailers and wholesalers.

Get more content with less effort.

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product content solved;

An integrated solution to product content

Good product content is an essential requirement to compete. But it is challenging to do well. We provide a one-stop shop to help manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers get good product content in front of buyers, with less effort.

Whatever your product content problem, we likely have a solution.

The SKUvantage Solution Suite

During our decade of expertise across a diversity of sectors and clients, we have developed a suite of services and technology that help to drive sales, brand engagement and reduce business process costs, with high quality product content, that is efficiently created, source, managed and distributed.

Experts in high quality product photography

To discuss your product photography requirement and how we can make your products look good online, just request a quote below.

Lifestyle & on-location product photography

We work efficiently to keep costs low, compared to the high quality we deliver. Get a quote for investing in making your products look as good as they can to buyers.

Fast, low cost, CGI & render creation

If your products are a challenge to create from photography, or you need low cost renders delivered quickly, please get in touch for a competitive quote.

Interactive 360 spins

Creating a 360 spin may not be as costly as you think. It certainly pays dividends by creating a more engaging experience with your product.

Inform with engaging product descriptions

Better product descriptions drive value through improved SEO ranking, higher sales and lower cost to serve. For a small investment per product, you can communicate category authority and help users choose products that meet their needs.

Transcribe data from product packaging

Not many people enjoy transcribing product data from packaging. From having done this on tens of thousands of products, we know it isn’t fun. So let us do it for you.

Low cost video production

If your products warrant an investment in video, watch our showreel here and get in touch to for a discussion for how we can take your content to the next level and really engage buyers.

Low cost barcode verification

Get your products to shelf with less fuss and stress with low cost, fast barcode verification reports.

Sydney studio product photography solutions

Product Photography

From our multiple Sydney product photography studios, we have delivered high quality imagery across many categories, from fashion to food, and catheters to coffins. Our projects have ranged in size from 1 product to 30,000.

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Lifestyle Photography

Give buyers a better sense of context of use of your products with lifestyle or on-location photography. This type of photography pays for itself in higher sales and better brand engagement.

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Renders & CGI from Artwork

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and renders from artwork are an alternative to photography, particularly for challenging products such as film packaging FMCG items. We have a breadth of experience in creating a spectrum of render and CGI assets at a very attractive price point.

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360 Spins

Show off every angle of your product and create a more interactive experience with a 360 spin. These can be embedded in your website with relative ease, and can be turned and zoomed by the browser. Spin a person, a product or a bottle!

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Product Copywriting

When you need to describe the features and benefits of your products, you need a compelling product description. These give buyers the information they need and drive your SEO performance. We have written thousands of product descriptions for a diverse range of products and tones of voice.

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Data Transcription

An image only goes so far. Buyers still need to know specific information about product capabilities. Structured product data is essential to help users compare and filter on product specifications, and give buyers the information they need.

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Professional Videos

Video is becoming a requirement for high quality presentation of products. Sales uplifts from a compelling, short video are significant. For high value or high margin products, investment in sophisticated production is more than justified. For lower price products, we can produce low-cost videos to drive more engagement than 2D images.

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Low Cost Barcode Verification

There is now a choice for how to get your barcode verification reports done. You could save 39% on barcode verification fees, and much more if you are not a GS1 member.

SKUvantage has been providing barcode verification services since 2016. We charge just $20 for a barcode verification report, whether you are a client of ours or not. For urgent requirements, there is the option of having these delivered as a “Fast track” for a small premium. Numerous vendors, large and small, have made the switch to our service.

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Save time & stay organised

SKUvantage provides a solution to the challenges of creating, managing & distributing product content.

Share product
content easily

An investment in product content is highly compelling. It is the 1% of your marketing budget that drives the performance of the other 99%! Book a demo to learn how SKUlibrary and SKUvantage services and solutions can help make your products look good online.

Share collections
of digital assets

Get in touch to learn how we can simplify the management of both product and non-product assets, in one place, with less effort.

Get richer content in front of buyers

Rich product content is the best way to differentiate the presentation of your products and drive sales. Learn how we can support your brands look as good online as they can.

Easily manage product lifecycle

If getting a clear view of the status of your products is something you are missing, request a demo to learn how we can help your teams priorities.

Product information management system

Product Information Management

Often technology is the barrier to managing product information effectively, rather than the solution.

SKUlibrary is the fit for purpose Product Information Management (PIM) Platform, that makes it much easier to get engaging product content in front of buyers.

SKUlibrary is designed to be intuitive for photographers, copywriters and data entry teams. It is just like editing your web site product page. It also comes pre-populated with thousands of branded grocery, liquor, pet and pharmacy products from leading suppliers.

We even use our own product, in our business!

Almost no training is required and we can get you up and running quickly, without the expense of a supporting IT team, at a much lower cost than other platforms.

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Product Information Syndication

Product information management is a huge challenge for most brands. Executed poorly it leads to lower sales, higher costs and frustration for teams and buyers.

The vast majority of Australia’s leading FMCG brands use SKUlibrary to reduce the effort of giving buyers the information they need in digital channels. SKUlibrary is used as a single source of truth for product content, feeding retailers, brand sites, ecommerce platforms, fields sales tools and other marketing channels.

SKUlibrary is complemented by SKUvantage services which provide cost-effective photography, render creation, data transcription, description writing, video and barcode verification reports. This combination of technology and service results in a turnkey solution to brands to get consumers the information they need and enhance product and brand performance.

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Digital Asset Management

Products can have related digital assets. You want to manage these easily, have a single source of truth and avoid the chaos of shared drives.

But doing this for both product images and non-product assets is a challenge. Different types of assets need to be treated differently, leading to multiple systems and confusion. Until now.

SKUlibrary DAM capability helps to keep related assets organised so they can be shared rapidly internally and externally, helping to drive value from your product content.

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Rich Product Content Delivery

Buyers use digital channels for researching products that meet their needs. Engaging, richer content beyond the information on the packaging informs buyers and helps converts browsers to buyers.

Creating and managing this enhanced content can be a challenge. System capability, team skills and time can limit what can be presented to buyers on the product page.

SKUlibrary can extend the type of information that can be displayed on your product page and then deliver the rich content to buyers.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Products go through various stages to get live. Moving quickly through these stages results in more time on shelf, higher sales and less discounting.

Clear actions and reporting is essential. SKUlibrary is designed to deliver simple to follow processes to minimise the time to go live, and customised reports to deal with issues quickly.

Workflow typically involves a notification of an action to be undertaken when a product reaches a certain status. These are configurable in SKUlibrary either by the client or SKUvantage.

Together with the status of samples, legal sign off, and content quality, dashboards present a clear view on where products are held up in the process and take the necessary action.

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Easily source product content from suppliers

Your team has better things to do than chasing suppliers for product content. We are experts in navigating these challenges. You save time and effort, which is better spent delighting customers.

Vendor portal service

An Easy Solution for Retailers

Sourcing product content from suppliers is preferred to creating this yourself.

Suppliers should know their products better than anyone. It is also more cost effective to source content from them, and further improve it than creating yourself.

But getting the diversity of suppliers to comply has always been a challenge. They get many requests, have varying internal capability and the technology or process is often a hindrance, not a help. Until now.

SKUcapture is the managed service that makes it easier to source product content from suppliers using SKUlibrary, saving time and cost for you and them.

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We actually use our own product

SKUlibrary is the platform developed by SKUvantage to manage the product content production for our clients. So our photographers, editors, copywriters, and data entry teams use SKUlibrary all day.

This means we need to make it as efficient and easy to use as possible to give our clients high quality, low cost product content. Our colleagues don’t have to suffer the pain of product content. Why should you?

What our Clients say


Digital Strategy Manager

“The content provided by SKUvantage enables us to populate our own product information management system with up to date product content, and also give a full set of product images and data content to our retailer customers. Our brands have benefited with an improved presentation of product features on retailer web sites, with minimal effort from our business. SKUvantage has been an excellent partner. They adapted to our needs and provided a fit for purpose solution to help meet our business objectives.”


E-Commerce Lead, NutrienAg

“As part of developing our B2B digital strategy, Nutrien Ag Solutions needed to source as much content as possible from a large supplier base with a very broad spectrum of digital sophistication. After attempting this ourselves, which resulted in relatively poor compliance from suppliers and high workload for our team, we engaged SKUvantage and the SKUlibrary platform in 2017 to solve this critical requirement so that our digital strategy could move forwards.”


Digital Platforms & Services Manager, L’Oreal

“Digital execution is a key component of L’Oréal’s global strategy. It is essential that we work with partners who can help us deliver on our digital objectives for us to achieve our broader goals. We have worked with SKUvantage and the SKUlibrary platform for over 5 years and this has been a critical factor in our success.”

Mitre 10
Mitre 10

Business Unit Manager, Mitre 10

“SKUvantage team have been critical to the success of our ecommerce business. Their easy to use SKUlibrary platform provided a welcome relief from using spreadsheets & shared drives to manage data & images, whilst keeping our product range organised & easy to update. The SKUcapture process has been essential in sourcing product content from suppliers & giving us capacity to source the quantity of product images & data for a successful launch.”


Head of E-Commerce, Oroton

“To help manage its product catalogue and get products online rapidly, Oroton uses SKUlibrary as its product information management platform. SKUlibrary is used to enrich product data such as price, merchandising attributes, descriptions and images. SKUlibrary is, further available as an online catalogue for all Oroton colleagues to easily access product information they need to support a customer’s multichannel shopping experience.”


Shopper Marketing Manager, Accolade

“SKULibrary has enabled Accolade to easily and accurately house and share our images, information and assets across our brands worldwide. SKULibrary’s ability to tailor access and content to our global teams makes it easy to conduct business whilst ensuring the correct elements are safeguarded or shared. It has changed the way we work with customers and suppliers and is now an essential tool for Accolade.”


Marketing Manager, Revlon

“The SKUvantage team were super professional and responsive throughout the set up of our more than 600 SKUs on SKUlibrary. They were very quick to answer any of our queries and help troubleshoot. They were happy to re-shoot any images we weren’t 100% satisfied with and would always call to double check things before proceeding. Nothing seemed like too much trouble. A great team to work with!”

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SKUvantage provides a solution to the challenges of creating, managing & distributing product content. Our technology & services are a one-stop shop, avoiding the effort of managing different suppliers.