Content Creation

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  • Hosting services
  • Renders & CGI
  • 360 spin
  • Data Transcription
  • Barcode Verification Reports

The SKUlibrary & Salsify Platforms

SKUlibrary helps brands seamlessly centralise and syndicate their product content to major Australian retailers.

Salsify PXM enables organisations to centralise all of their product content, connect to the commerce ecosystem, and automate business processes to deliver the best possible product experiences across every selling destination.

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Supplier Data Collection & Management

SKUcapture helps major retailers and distributors streamline the collection of your product data from suppliers, freeing up both you and your suppliers to focus on creating great product experiences across every selling destination.

  • Minimal effort for your teams
  • Easier process for your suppliers
  • Drive sales and consumer satisfaction

SupplierXM Queries

SupplierXM is an advanced collaboration and product content collection platform. If you would like further information about SupplierXM, or you are a supplier seeking assistance with your product content, please fill out this form and our team will get back to you.

For anything else…

SKUvantage | Salsify ANZ provides a range of product content solutions to retailers, distributors and suppliers of all sizes, across a diversity of categories.

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