Product information is the fuel of ecommerce, for B2B and B2C. If buyers have the information they need they will buy higher priced products, with higher gross margin, returns and customer service costs are lower, and customers and colleagues are happier.

But achieving good product content has always been a challenge. It isn’t the easiest or most glamorous job, and technology has often been a hindrance, not a help. Until now.

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This video will help you to understand the benefits and challenges of sourcing product content from suppliers. It explains why this is always underestimated by retailers and wholesalers and how the SKUcapture service deals with these challenges.

The solution to easily source product content from suppliers

Sourcing product content from suppliers is preferred. Suppliers should know their products better than anyone. It is also more cost effective to source content from them, and further improve it than creating yourself.

But getting the diversity of suppliers to comply has always been a challenge. They get many requests, have varying internal capability and the technology or process is often a hindrance, not a help. Until now.

SKUcapture is the managed service that makes it easier to source product content from suppliers using SKUlibrary, saving time and cost for you and them


Free your colleagues to spend time merchandising your site and delighting your customers, not chasing suppliers for product content

Experts in high quality content creation

Request product content easily from suppliers

Acquiring product images, data and descriptions from your supplier base in a consistent format is a major source of pain for both retailers and their vendors.

SKUcapture is a managed service, designed around your requirements, to simplify the process of product content capture. We manage the process of requesting content from vendors, with communications and training tuned to your requirements

Source full product content with less effort

Using our easy to use platform SKUlibrary, vendors can easily provide full content, including multiple images, video, and any data attributes a retailer wishes to capture. You decide what to request.

Using our specialised blend of our processes, people and technology, large volumes of product content can be sourced both to support the initial site launch and ongoing. All this is done with little effort from our clients.

Publish complete content seamlessly

Once verification and workflow are completed in SKUlibrary products are set to a status which pushes them to your systems; this could be your ERP, PIM or ecommerce platform.

Product content is supplied in a format designed to suit your requirements, further reducing the time to get high-quality content in front of your customers.  The end result is lower cost and effort for you and your suppliers of sourcing product content, and higher sales for less stress.

We actually use our own product

SKUlibrary is the platform developed by SKUvantage to manage the product content production for our clients. Our photographers, editors, copywriters, and data entry teams use SKUlibrary all day. It is also used by our SKUcapture team to source product content from our clients’ suppliers.

To reduce the effort for our colleagues, we make the process as efficient and easy as possible for suppliers to follow. This results in less effort for suppliers when loading product content to SKUlibrary, meaning they are more likely to comply with requests. A win-win-win.


E-Commerce Lead, NutrienAg

“As part of developing our B2B digital strategy, Nutrien Ag Solutions needed to source as much content as possible from a large supplier base with a very broad spectrum of digital sophistication. After attempting this ourselves, which resulted in relatively poor compliance from suppliers and high workload for our team, we engaged SKUvantage and the SKUlibrary platform in 2017 to solve this critical requirement so that our digital strategy could move forwards.”

Mitre 10
Mitre 10

Business Unit Manager, Mitre 10

“SKUvantage team have been critical to the success of our ecommerce business. Their easy to use SKUlibrary platform provided a welcome relief from using spreadsheets & shared drives to manage data & images, whilst keeping our product range organised & easy to update. The SKUcapture process has been essential in sourcing product content from suppliers & giving us capacity to source the quantity of product images & data for a successful launch.”


Shopper Marketing Manager, Accolade

“SKULibrary has enabled Accolade to easily and accurately house and share our images, information and assets across our brands worldwide. SKULibrary’s ability to tailor access and content to our global teams makes it easy to conduct business whilst ensuring the correct elements are safeguarded or shared. It has changed the way we work with customers and suppliers and is now an essential tool for Accolade.”


Digital Platforms & Services Manager, L’Oreal

“Digital execution is a key component of L’Oréal’s global strategy. It is essential that we work with partners who can help us deliver on our digital objectives for us to achieve our broader goals. We have worked with SKUvantage and the SKUlibrary platform for over 5 years and this has been a critical factor in our success.”


Digital Producer

“People are confused about what food to feed their pet and the wealth of information online is overwhelming to the consumer. We’ve worked with SKUlibrary throughout the last year to ensure we at Real Pet Food Co. deliver clear and concise content and imagery to the consumer. SKUlibrary photographed 300+ of our product images and copywrote informative product descriptions for each and every product within our range. Thanks SKUlibrary for all your work!”


Digital Strategy Manager

“The content provided by SKUvantage enables us to populate our own product information management system with up to date product content, and also give a full set of product images and data content to our retailer customers. Our brands have benefited with an improved presentation of product features on retailer web sites, with minimal effort from our business. SKUvantage has been an excellent partner. They adapted to our needs and provided a fit for purpose solution to help meet our business objectives.”


Marketing Manager, Revlon

“The SKUvantage team were super professional and responsive throughout the set up of our more than 600 SKUs on SKUlibrary. They were very quick to answer any of our queries and help troubleshoot. They were happy to re-shoot any images we weren’t 100% satisfied with and would always call to double check things before proceeding. Nothing seemed like too much trouble. A great team to work with!”

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