Our team

SKUvantage was founded in 2012. We have since grown to a team of several dozen committed, conscientious and customer focused colleagues.

Our skills encompass photography (obviously), production management, sales, customer service, data analysis, copywriting, editing, technology development, and making tea. Our services cover SKUvantage, SKUlibrary and SKUcapture, delivering a full suite of solutions to retailers, suppliers and their business partners. We are the only one stop shop for what we do, in Australia and possibly the world (really!).

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Daniel Roberts

Founder & CEO, SKUvantage

Daniel has been dealing with product data since his time working in the oil and gas business in the 1990’s, where poor data has enormous cost and risk consequences. Since 2003 he gained further experience of the challenges of product content working in online retail. Daniel held senior positions at Tesco.com in the UK and when heading up the development and implementation of Woolworths multi-channel strategy across all their non-food brands. In both of these roles, Daniel was intimately involved in the strategy, implementation, and execution of the product content capture teams and processes. He has seen the pain that poor product content causes for businesses and their bottom line, but also how a well run process can make significant improvement to conversion rate and costs.


Joshua Gavin

Founder & COO, SKUvantage

Josh has taken his background in photography and digital imaging into the world of online retail. He brings over 10 years experience building and managing product content teams, systems and processes in both the UK and Australia, across all product categories. The sites he has worked on are often held up as best in class in Australia in terms of product content for general merchandise, liquor, electronics and hardware to name a few. His expertise lie in building systems and simplifying process to be cost effective and productive through the use of cutting edge technologies. He understands the importance of the process and execution and motivating quality creative resource teams.


Angie O'Rielly

Head of Sales

Angie is a seasoned sales professional, manager, facilitator, and trainer with 20+ years of experience in business development, marketing and operations. She developed her skills within high performing industry groups with accomplishments in direct marketing, advertising strategy, sales training and employee development.

Angie is passionate about people and embraces core values of service, integrity and innovation and values her relationships with clients.

As Head of Sales, Angie is the key contact for SKUlibrary demonstrations, onboarding and training for new clients and account management for existing clients.