Customers are now demanding a consistent and compelling shopping experience with detailed and accurate product information at their fingertips.

Brands and manufacturers need to provide high-quality information to engage customers and drive conversions. To increase revenue and experience digital success, they need to sell through more channels and touchpoints.

What is product syndication?

Product content syndication is the automatic and ongoing distribution of product information
to your sales and distribution channels and touchpoints.

The sharing of this information broadens the reach and visibility of product content and increases brand awareness and sales from targeted customers.

Easy to use product information management platform;

Easy to use platform

SKUlibrary is an intuitive platform that provides you with an easy way for you to automatically syndicate your high-quality content and images to multiple retailers at the same time.

Trying to adapt your product data to seller specifications can be a time-consuming and challenging process, however SKUlibrary can map your product content to meet the retailer’s requirements and help deliver your product information efficiently and accurately into the right channels.

Effective product content syndication ensures that you are continually presenting accurate and current product information whilst also giving your customers a complete and consistent product experience no matter where they interact with your product.

Syndicate content to retail partners;

Syndicate product content to your retail partners

Our platform is used by hundreds of vendors to syndicate their product content to retailer partners. 

There are several ways for Vendors to get their product content into Retailers

  • Live API feeds – the weekly push of product content to retailers’ internal product management systems
  • Syndication – retailers using SKUlibrary for their vendor portal to receive all brand clients as part of their service
  • ETL Templates – Retailers have provided a template of requirements in a specific format
  • Open Catalogue – available to all retailers across specific sectors

SKUlibrary allows you to enhance your product content, tailor it to your targeting channels to publish content faster across every channel.

Quickly publish products to almost everything;

Quickly publish products to almost anything

When you are happy with your product, just press Publish. Products can be delivered to your customer-facing platform and systems using APIs, CSV or auto-formatted into your required upload template. We can even feed Google Sheets.

With integrations to leading eCommerce platforms and a highly flexible API, we can integrate with your internal systems faster than you might think. Meaning your B2B/B2C eCommerce platforms, marketing tools, customer service teams and in-store POS can all benefit from the same product content.

Readily available help and support;

Help and support readily available

SKUlibrary includes an extensive help library and knowledge base, with live chat available for any complex questions that need further support. We pride ourselves on our customer service, which gets great reviews from our clients.

Once SKUlibrary is set up it rarely needs changes to data models, workflow and other configuration. So why invest in expensive experts to manage your platform? The SKUvantage team is available to rapidly make any config changes you require, typically delivered faster than internal IT teams.

We actually use our own product

SKUlibrary is the platform developed by SKUvantage to manage the product content production for our clients. So our photographers, editors, copywriters, and data entry teams use SKUlibrary all day.

This means we need to make it as efficient and easy to use as possible to give our clients high quality, low cost product content. Our colleagues don’t have to suffer the pain of product content. Why should you?

Solve your product content challenges

To book a demo and learn how SKUlibrary and SKUvantage services and solutions can help your business get more product content in front of buyers, faster and with less effort, please just get in touch.