Managing product content in spreadsheets is slow and highly risky, with only single user access.

Hosted product information management systems are expensive and require experts to use them.

SKUlibrary bridges the gap with a cost-effective, secure solution to distribute and drive value.


SKUlibrary features are focussed on reducing the cost and effort of product content management and driving value from your assets.

Upload images as they are produced

Problem: Images often have significant handling offline before they are renamed and uploaded

Solution: SKUlibrary is designed to make it easy for photographers and editors to load products to as they go, saving time and errors.

Upload data in bulk or as single products

Problem: Sometimes you have data in spreadsheets that needs importing and mapping to fields

Solution: SKUlibrary makes it easy to create products in singles or upload in bulk, all against your data models

Create infinite variants from a base product

Problem: Some products need to be  created with the same base data, with a single attribute change.

Solution: SKUlibrary enables you to easily create a parent child relationship between products, describing which attributes change and provide an updated image where necessary

Easily clone

Problem: Sometimes it’s easier to create a product by using another product as a starting point

Solution: SKUlibrary gives you the ability to clone a product, and change it’s base product number. Then you can modify whatever you like from there.

Control publish rules
for products

Problem: Some products need to go live now, and some in the future.

Solution: SKUlibrary gives you the ability to set a live date for a product, such that it won’t enter an API feed, or be visible to anyone else until that date is reached.

Fit for
purpose workflow

Problem: You want easy to understand workflow and permission control.

Solution: SKUlibrary provides the minimum amount of information you need to know what to do, avoiding complexity whilst ensuring you can only do what is permitted.

Storing data

Problem: Your data and images are crucially important. Lose your assets and your business is dead.

Solution: SKUlibrary is hosted securely in the cloud on AWS, with high reliability, security and monitoring.

Pre-configured data models
ready to go

Problem: Building data models typically takes time and expertise from a data expert.

Solution: Data models for common categories are available so you can enter data immediately. These can be modified to your requirements, or others created with support from our helpful team.

API’s to feed content
to any system

Problem: Rekeying and uploading product content into multiple systems has a significant cost.

Solution: APIs can be configured to send a daily or live feed of product information into production or marketing systems. These are customised to the recipient, ensuring they only get what they need.

iFrames to deliver content

Problem: Easily present your product content without APIs, rekeying or CSV uploads.

Solution: Using a single line of code, a customised view of a product can be easily presented on any website and any internet sales tool as an iFrame. This helps drive sales and reduce cost, for minimal effort.

Simulate the user
browse experience

Problem: Keeping attributes clean and consistent without doing offline analysis.

Solution: Within SKUlibrary you can simulate the consumer’s search and browse experience. This means you can spot dirty data very easily, and clean it up all without leaving SKUlibrary.

Configurable and
controllable access

Problem: Controlling who can see & edit each attribute, to get input from the whole team.

Solution: With SKUlibrary, each user’s access can be fully customised. This means they can only see or edit the products and attributes for which they have permission.

Easily share images
with SKUmail

Problem: Sharing product content internally and externally using file sharing websites is a hassle.

Solution: Using SKUmail, you can share product content with colleagues and business partners by sending an email with a download link straight from SKUlibrary. No more large attachments to worry about!

Download CSV & XML
for your data

Problem: How to extract your data for analysis offline without any fuss or calls to a database expert.

Solution: SKUlibrary makes it extremely simple to download your data in seconds. Just select the products for which you want the data, and with a single click the CSV or XML file is downloaded.

Digital product
information sheets

Problem: Product specification sheets are expensive to produce and distribute for the full range.

Solution: SKUlibrary can generate product specification sheets to your requirements, using customised templates. A PDF of the product flyer can then be emailed straight from SKUlibrary with a covering email.

Store marketing and
other assets

Problem: Ensuring the whole business is using the right marketing material and assets.

Solution: Store and classify your non-product content assets in SKUlibrary so everyone can easily access the right marketing assets. Then share with business partners using the same great tools above.