Retailers dream of collecting error-free product data from suppliers and publishing it efficiently across channels.

They put so much time, effort, and money into collecting the proper data from suppliers. However, more often than not, there are data inaccuracies that translate into poor online shopping experiences for customers. 

In an increasingly competitive e-commerce environment, retailers need to update product data with speed and accuracy to provide  winning shopping omnichannel experiences.


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Collecting and managing product content from suppliers is hard

There are very few solutions on the market that can comprehensively manage all the relevant types of product data collected from suppliers at scale.

That’s where SKUcapture provides value.


Image Source: Mckinsey: Want to Improve Consumer Experience? Collaborate to Build a Product Data Standard, April 2020

What is SKUcapture?

SKUcapture is a managed service that provides retailers with solutions to streamline the process of collecting product information from suppliers.

By chasing suppliers on your behalf for product content, leaves your business to focus on higher-value activity.

Product content is captured using our easy to use vendor portal, SKUlibrary which serves as the source of truth for all the data — including listing data, metadata, and enhanced content — all needed to deliver enriched consumer experiences.


How it Works

We have designed a methodology process and platform where suppliers upload their data and images for the retailer to use.


Your requirements, our expertise

Simply provide us with the products you need sourcing and we create and execute a process to deliver on your requirements to REDUCE effort for your suppliers

Customised guides & training 

Easy to use platform, configured with your requirements and supplier facing communication and training designed to your brand messaging, with support offered as needed. 

Reporting on progress 

Keep track of content acquisition progress and supplier engagement, with escalating routines. Our consistent data models and inline validation ensures that all the correct data is sourced.

Content improvement options 

Use SKUlibrary to further enhance, optimise and check your product content

Automated delivery of product content to your systems 

All product data delivered back to you in your requested format, as a feed or regular download

Used by major retailers across diverse categories

Any volume of products in any category, in B2B or B2C and can be used for new line product induction and master data

Key benefits of SKUcapture

improve responsiveness rate

Improves Responsiveness 

Our easy to use vendor portal offers smooth supplier onboarding allowing retailers to quickly engage and collaborate with thousands of suppliers. Our proven processes allow us to send requests to the right supplier contacts and we have a dedicated and experienced support team to facilitate suppliers where required.

improves accuracy and efficiency

Improves Accuracy & Efficiency

Our flexible data model is customisable to retailers unique needs allows and helps them publish error-free product data.

increase scalability

Increases Scalability 

Our flexible data quality management enables retailers to keep up with ever-increasing product data volumes and monitor the the data collection process and track overall data quality.

Why SKUcapture is essential for modern commerce

In an increasingly competitive retail environment, retailers need to deliver differentiated consumer experiences.  Staying competitive means you need more product options, more content, and more product details — all available within a few clicks.

SKUcapture will allow you to keep customers satisfied and provide winning omnichannel shopper experiences.

Not only will it help you give the differentiated experiences consumers crave, but you’ll also strengthen your supplier relationships and your product data — a win-win situation for brands and retailers.



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