Auto-populate retailer upload templates

Save time providing product content to retailers that do not yet have a feed from SKUlibrary.

We take getting our clients’ content onto retailers’ web sites extremely seriously and work hard to make this happen.

For retailers where we do not have feeds, you can use SKUlibrary to map to the retailer’s upload template. This can be done on the download page, using the “Template” button and from the lister page using the “Template” button

These populated templates must be checked prior to providing back to the retailer as mappings sometimes change.

We are improving this process all the time and if you have any feedback on such things as:

  • How the fields are mapped
  • Rejections you are getting from retailers
  • Fields you would like to map
  • Templates you would like built into SKUlibrary

…please let us know using the form below. Just attached a blank template of any retailer you want adding.

It is also possible to populate the Amazon template for your category. Please see the help article on this in SKUlibrary. If you would like this turned on please read this