Access a Feed of Suppliers’ Product Content.

Keep your site and system up to date, with a daily feed of product content, from either your catalogue or, from those of your vendors.

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An API feed is the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to get rich customer facing product photography and specification information into your website or application!

The SKUlibary product API allows you to very easily receive all imagery, copy and product specifications from the SKUlibrary platform. Thousands of published products across our clients within SKUlibrary can have updates downloaded by media or product modified timestamp ensuring the content you show your customers is 100% up to date and accurate with minimal effort.

Our native API is a RESTful web-service which will return attribute/value pairs in JSON format and an example API response is below the form for your reference. We can also develop a custom response in a variety of formats, protocols and delivery methods if required. We are able to customise any number of images, attributes and naming of those attributes to ensure you have a seamless integration into your database or website.

From the default endpoints that will be provided, you or your agency can hit an endpoint to get products that have been modified by yesterdaylast week or individual GTIN (barcode). We no longer permit FULL catalogue response, but these can be done by exception, and a one-off full response will be provided as part of set up.


Full technical details and various other options can be found here and FAQ’s can be found below

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The API is a RESTful API delivered in JSON format. If you are are a retailer wanting to keep the product information of your suppliers up to date, or a brand wanting to effortlessly feed this content to your brand site, an API feed will save a lot of time and effort in loading content to your systems.

We deliver data and images as URLs in a standard format for the categories that you require.

Yes, if these are minor customisations, we will not charge additionally, however, if you need complex customisations e.g. parsing of variables, multiple classification structures, or mapping to your own structure, a custom development cost may apply. If you do have specific requirements, please let us know.

We only have product content available for distribution that is made available by our brand clients. If you are a retailer and need product content beyond this, we can produce product content directly for you, or you can use our service to source content from your suppliers. This content is then only made available to you (it is not shared more broadly). In this way, you can aim to get full product content across your range. Just get in touch for more information.

Typically you should run the API to return a response for updates from the day before (midnight to midnight), using the “yesterday” value of the “mode” attribute. It is also possible to run a “lastweek” update, however this may result in timeouts on your end.rnrnIt is not possible to return the full catalogue, unless by agreement, or on an exceptional basis.

Developing and maintaining the APIs is a cost to our business, and executing APIs puts load on our servers, requiring us to invest in additional hardware to deliver the appropriate level of service to those needing the APIs. We apply a “user pays” philosophy to keep costs generally low for all our clients who do not use APIs.

Absolutely not – serving content has a significant cost. Firstly, this is unreliable for you, as the path to the image will change at any time. We may also block an IP address from serving images, meaning you suddenly get no images displayed on your web site.rnrnHowever, for our brand clients, we do have a CDN which can serve images directly to your website, with static paths based on the product code. This avoids you having to download and store images on your site. There is a small charge for this. If you are interested in using this, please get in touch.

We will give you a CSV or JSON file of all data which you can ingest, this will include URLs to images, which you can also download (though you will have to create a script to do this). We also provide a bulk download service for images, which can then also be transformed to your requirements.

If you are getting timeouts, we can create a pre-canned response of your daily file to be collected each day at a specific time. If this is a requirement, please let us know.rn

For any issues, feel free to email tech support.