PIM Software Purpose-Built for the Digital Shelf

The Foundation for Great Product Experiences That Win on the Digital Shelf

Centrally Manage All Aspects of Your Product Experience

Create a Central Source of Truth

Organise your product information management (PIM) around a common data model and governance structure to create a trusted source of truth that services as the foundation for consistent, accurate, and winning product experiences.

Manage for Every Channel

Confidently manage unique versions of your product information for each channel with the only PIM software natively built to do so. Store one version of your product content and maintain traceability as your content is transformed to meet different downstream requirements.

Adapt to New Requirements

Improve agility with the ability to add attributes, import new types of data, or implement validation rules – without having to redo your entire data schema.

Automate Business Processes

Leverage Salsify’s no-code workflow builder and integrated task workspace to centrally manage, automate, and govern essential go-to-market tasks, all while streamlining operations to ensure data accuracy.

Unified PIM and Syndication

Manage and directly publish product experiences in one unified platform – without needing to bolt on adjacent technologies. Salsify offers the only PIM software with strategic retailer partnerships and a continuously adaptive syndication network.

Born and Built in the Cloud

Forget worrying about hosting costs, upgrades, or backward compatibility – Salsify’s PIM software offers multi-tenant architecture and is cloud-native, so you’re always running the latest version.

Become a Digital Shelf Leader

Build your foundation for a unified Product Experience Management (PXM) strategy with PIM software purpose-built for the digital shelf.

Oroton (brief)
Oroton (brief)

Matt Alexander, Manager of Digital Solutions

“Migrating to Salsify provided the ability to centralise, connect, and automate product content to help improve efficiency, scalability and flexibility into new markets and channels.”

Kraft Heinz (brief)
Kraft Heinz (brief)

Joe Shaw, Head of eCommerce Australia & New Zealand

“Salsify PXM has enabled Kraft Heinz to automate many steps throughout the product content process that previously absorbed a lot of time, effort and resource.”

Perma Products
Perma Products

Jeremy Pesch, Marketing Manager

“We had to decide to invest into technology and efficient processes or hire more people to manage our growth.”