Strong brand recognition starts with an informed consumer. Informed consumers are trusting, curious and eager to buy, especially in a fiercely competitive landscape like e-commerce. 

To stay ahead of the competition, AB World Foods turned to SKUVANTAGE to help revitalise Patak’s e-commerce strategy and improve their online presence. 

Named the Coles International Brand of the Year, UK brand Patak’s growing demand in Australia saw the brand desperately in need of a complete brand revamp. SKUVANTAGE took full reigns of the Patak’s brief and transformed their online presence with product photography, 2D and 3D imagery, enriched product descriptions, mobile-ready hero images, and zoom images. This full turnkey strategy will help the brand achieve digital promotion, growth and brand recognition in the Australian market.

Another facet of Patak’s e-commerce strategy was to feed product content to Patak’s retail website partners, Coles and Woolworths. This syndication was made simple and seamless through our SKUlibrary management platform. SKUVANTAGE took the strategy one step further and developed an API feed to deliver the revitalised product content to Patak’s new website pages (designed by Saltree).   

The synchronisation of Patak’s imagery and product content across all websites, and the freedom to access all content through SKUlibrary at anytime has saved the team a tremendous amount of time and money.