360° Product Rotations

360° Product Rotations

360° product rotations are a great way to show off your products from every angle. SKUtate is a high quality and cost-effective service from SKUvantage, making 360° product rotations simple to achieve on almost any site.

Move your mouse across the product to spin and click to zoom in. Click again to zoom out.

This product has 24 images in its rotation.

This is the iframe code to use on your site, if you want to test it out:

<iframe src=”https://skutate.skulibrary.com/4514/RMW_COWBOY360.html” height=”420″ width=”420″ allowfullscreen=”no” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Product Rotation Solution

The process is simple, you specify the number of images and provide us with the product, then we do the rest. We provide you with either the images to use in your own technology to the size you require, or we can provide a fully hosted solution. If you can paste an iframe onto your site, then you can take our hosted solution.

The technology we use provides for user controlled spin with zoom and panning, and a variety of settings including auto start, the ability to switch zoom on and off, and more. We recommend 60 images per spin, but we can do as many or as few as you wish. We can rotate anything up to 250kg and up to 3 metres in length.

Click on the images below to see these examples. If you want to have a continuous, non-user controlled rotation, check out our video examples.