360 spin fashion photography production;

High-quality 360° spin product photography capture all sides of your product in little time and at low cost.

Our 360° spin product photography is similar to regular product photography shoots and works by rotating your product 360 degrees while the camera captures the images. The result is a live-action spinning product, which still uses superior lighting and the right positioning to ensure your product looks its best from every degree.

Using a 3D rotating image enables your consumers to have a whole 360 degrees of product exposure, giving them even more incentive to make a purchase.Whatever your product type we can create a live spinning image as well as 3D images to enhance your content.

With the change in consumers’ buying behaviour and the increase in e-commerce, consumers do not have the option to ‘try before you  buy’.  Using producing enhanced content allows you to really boost your sales, by revealing as much of your product as possible, consumers can make an informed purchase.

This 360° spin periodically highlights specific features of the product by zooming in on a particular area.

Show the outside product packaging and preview the contents in one 360 spin.

Virtual 3D of your product makes it very easy to see all sides and zoom with just one touch of the mouse.

Why choose SKUstudio

Our Clients

Berocca case study photography renders
berocca logo


Berocca is an effervescent drink and tablets product that gives you a boost in vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins and vitamin C. Available at leading Australian pharmacies, we worked with Berocca to produce rich product content, including interactive 360 spins and renders.

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Kelloggs case study render photography
kelloggs client logo


Kellogg’s is an Australian owned and manufactured brand of breakfast cereals. For over 100 years they have been feeding Aussies delicious and nutritious breakfast. We are proud to have worked with Kellogg’s to produce great product content, including 360 product spins and product renders.

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Oral B packaging render photography
Oral B Logo

Oral B

Oral B is the #1 dentist-recommended brand worldwide. Founded by a dentist and created with dentists, they are experts in oral hygiene products. SKUvantage worked with Oral B to create high quality product content that represented their leading products online.

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Other services

Reckitt product renders

Grocery & FMCG Photography

Catalogue quality photography with accurate product information is offered with mass-photography, ideal for online grocery retailers.

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Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle product photography is a fun and creative form of demonstrating your products in a unique way.

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General merchandise product photography

General Merchandise Photography

SKUvantage caters for your general merchandise & industrial photography needs with categories including hardware & homeware.

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Wine bottle and drinks product photography

Wine Bottles and Drinks Photography

Our experienced photographers can work with reflection, transparency and style guides and use spritzing techniques to enhance your product images.

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Sydney studio product photography solutions


Our awesome product content production team deliver high quality product photography, renders, data transcription, 360 spins, video and product descriptions.

You name it, we’ve done it.

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Product information management system


The SKUlibrary platform makes creating, managing & distributing product content much easier, for retailers, wholesalers and suppliers.

We actually use our own platform!

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Vendor portal service


Get product content from your suppliers with an easier process for your business and theirs. Our managed service is used by many leading retailers and wholesalers.

Get more content with less effort.

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