Bulk Upload for SKUlibrary Liquor Clients

To have content uploaded in bulk for ALM, Coles Liquor Group and Endeavour Group:

1. Download your content from SKUlibrary. To do this, go to the Multi CSV header and choose Liquor Retailers, then select Generate CSV data. If you’d like to download content only for a specific list of products, you can use the Brand and Product Status filters on the side to filter the products.

2. Click here to download the Bulk Liquor Template.

3. Copy all of your data from the Liquor Retailers SKUlibrary download, from rows 2 onwards, into the Bulk Liquor Template.

4. The Bulk Liquor Template shows the mandatory fields in red, with the ticks in the top three rows  indicating which retailers they are mandatory for. Please ensure all mandatory fields are completed for the retailers.

5. Once complete, submit via the form below.

If there are any issues, our team will reach out to you.