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We provide Primo Smallgoods with a lot of quality food photography, but for this shoot they wanted something a little different. They sent us 4 hams which they asked us to slice and style with a garnish on a wooden chopping board. Though we cater to a lot of different client needs, we don’t actually have the facilities to precisely slice meat here. Luckily we have a local butcher just down the street from us, so we bribed him with a bottle of wine and of course he was happy to help out. As we all drooled in the background, our photographer carefully styled and shot the meat to make it look mouth-wateringly delicious. The results speak for themselves!

This was something a little different for us in terms of product photography, but we always rise to a challenge and push ourselves. Hopefully, we’ll get more jobs like this in the future. We loved doing it and working with Primo Smallgoods – there’s always enough left over to fill our bellies!