GOBAG Product Photography model fashion;

If you haven’t heard of the GOBAG yet, you soon will! Here at SKUvantage we got a fantastic first look at this innovative little bag and have created some wonderful product photography shots for GOBAG’s campaigns. It’s the ultimate bag for travelling; carry-on size and compact with a variety of different features for everything that you need when going away. With a detachable clear washbag, so you don’t need to waste time at airport security transferring your toiletries to their pesky plastic bags and the Max Pack Bag which allows you to vacuum pack your clothing, leaving you with more room to take absolutely everything that you need.

For our product photography, we shot the bag from all sorts of different angles. We even got the client to model the bag in a few shots, so customers can visualise the sizing and how it will sit on their body. With a product like this, it’s important that we show off every individual aspect, so customers can see the benefits of what they’re buying – we’re well versed in this area of photography so this was no problem for us. Our photographer made sure that each image showed off the functionality of the bag, while our editors made sure the images accurately reflected the physical product.

The results were fantastic and GOBAG are already using our images on their website.