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Oroton is synonymous with craftsmanship, accessible luxury and a unique Australian sense of beauty. With over 80 years of commitment to innovative design, using time-honoured materials and techniques, Oroton has a long and respected history.

Oroton delivers beautiful fabrics, fresh colour palettes, supple leathers and modern hardware. Creating easy-to-wear pieces that are unfussy and contemporary. Luxury handbags and fashion accessories require numerous high-quality images per product to give the brand and premium products the online representation they deserve. The product listings also need to be described and categorised accurately and efficiently to get products on the shelf as fast as possible with minimal team effort.

Oroton wanted to make the process as easy as possible such that all team roles, from photographers to copywriters, can do what they need to do without needing system experts and were keen to work with SKUvantage to ensure this process was as seamless as possible.

They also needed high-quality images on their online catalogue for Oroton colleagues to easily access product information to support a customer’s shopping experience.

Our photographers captured and edited these shots at high volume before loading them into  SKUlibrary. By using the workflow functionality of our platform, we were able to notify  Orotons digital team of the status of the product for enrichment, which could be done in parallel to image editing.

The integrated approach of our production services and SKUlibrary platform significantly reduced the time and effort for Oroton to create, manage and publish their products.

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