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“As well as being essential for day-to-day life, accessories say so much about our personalities, lifestyles and dreams. The right handbag or scarf can transform an ordinary outfit (or an ordinary day) in an instant – and take you places you might never have imagined.” – Urban Originals.

Accessories photography covers a wide variety of products from scarves and shoes to belts and handbags. We’ve worked with Urban Originals regularly for a couple of years now, shooting their product imagery for them.

There are a variety of different techniques that can be utilised during this sort of photography. To get the handbags looking full so the customer can envision it hanging from their arm, we suspend them in the air and then remove the wire during editing. Wallets and purses are slightly simpler, all they need is a front on and inside shot, and maybe some details. The scarves we shoot flatlay, so the customer can really appreciate the design.

Check out our Urban Originals Accessories Photography images on their website and  contact us for your own accessories photography!